Gabek: Reduction of gas supplies to Russia by economic attack

Gabek: Reduction of gas supplies to Russia by economic attack

Gabek: Reducing gas supplies to Russia by economic attack

Photo: dpa

Minister of Economy and Climate Protection Robert Gabek (archive photo)

Gazprom's delay in gas supplies to Europe by “economic attack” from the side of Moscow, said FRN Minister of Economy Robert Gabek. It is impossible to allow this strategy to take away success, respecting fault.

German Vice-Chancellor, Minister of Economy and Climate Protection Robert Gabek called “an economic attack” gas supply to Russia to FRN. I will speak about this fault on the second day, on 21 pm, at the next hour I will speak at the German industrial conference.

“Changes in gas supplies via the Pivnichny Potik gas pipeline – tse attack on us, economic attack on us & # 8221;, & # 8211; Quoted by Gabek, AFP agency. Tsej “attack”, on yogo thought, calls to cause an increase in prices for gas by way of change of yogo obyagu and yourself “call from Europe and Germany a debate about a very important situation and trouble” zv’s syrovin deficiency. Tse, with his blackness, paralyzes the debate of exactly what is right, support of freedom, Gabek's persecutions.

The exchange at the gas supply is not spivpadinnya, but the strategy of Russia, vvazhaє vin. “Impossible to allow this strategy to achieve success”, – voicing Gabek. Aja can not be more about solidarity with Ukraine, but about the defense of political culture, open society, a free market economy, adding wine. With half-filled underground gas pipelines, and & # 8220; the gas valve will be shut off & # 8221;, then an important economic crisis will be paid to Nimechchyna, yak, to Gabek’s thought, you can be girshoy for the coronavirus.

Russia cut off gas supplies

None of the Russian gas is pumped through Ukraine, but not at all. Also, the Russian Federation has speeded up the delivery of the Pivnichny Potik gas pipeline. So, on 14 June, the Russian concern Gazprom announced that it could guarantee the supply of less than 100 million cubic meters of gas for production instead of a huge obligation of 167 million cubic meters. Gazprom was sent to shut down repair work at the Portov compressor station, as it became through a shortage of components, as if it did not supply the German concern Siemens. On the 15th day of the week, Gazprom announced that it would reduce the amount of gas pumped to 67 million cubic meters per extraction through the pinion of one more Siemens gas turbine engine at Portovyi. A representative of Siemens Energy told RBC that Siemens cannot turn to Russia for repair in Canada of a turbine for the Pivnichniy potik gas pipeline through sanctions, which were ordered by the Canadian government against Moscow. and the Netherlands decided to replace the mothballed coal-fired power plants, or change the life of the blackite fire.