G7 leaders arrive for G7 summit in Bavaria

G7 leaders arrive for G7 summit in Bavaria


Anti-globalists from around the world hold protests before the arrival of G7 leaders in Bavarian Elmau in Germany, June 25, 2022 (photo REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)   Leaders of the «G7» arrive at the G7 summit in Bavaria

This time, the war in Ukraine and the growing food crisis in the world are on the agenda of the heads of state and government of the leading democratic powers

On Saturday afternoon, the leaders of the G7 (G7) powers began to gather in the town of Elmau in Bavaria – one of the federal states in southeastern Germany – to participate in the next summit of the world's largest economies – the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Japan.

Observers note that, in addition to the traditional issues related to security, energy, climate change, this time two problems prevail on the agenda: the war in Ukraine and the growing food crisis.


“The effect of Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine is being felt here as well,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the “host” of this summit, said in today’s video podcast, referring to the significant increase in fuel, electricity and food prices that European countries are now experiencing.< /p>

In the area of ​​Munich Airport, where planes with distinguished guests arrive, they were met by about 3.5 thousand demonstrators representing a dozen organizations that, among other things, are against globalization. They demand from world leaders to strengthen the global policy of social justice, end hunger on the planet, completely abandon fossil fuels, preserve the world's flora and fauna.

About 18,000 police and security officers guard the conference.< /p>

The summit of leaders of the world's leading democratic powers in Bavaria will be held from 26 to 28 June. Literally the day after it ends, representatives of more than 30 states will gather for the annual NATO summit in Madrid, the capital of Spain.