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Future iPhones will live longer: the company will make it easier to replace batteries

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun30,2024

Future iPhones will live longer: the company will make it easier to replace batteries

The iPhone will it's easier to change the battery/freepik

According to a report from The Information, Apple is working on getting rid of the adhesive strips that hold the iPhone battery in place. This means that it will be easier to replace the battery.

Apple will have to meet EU requirements that require all phone batteries to be self-replaceable by 2025. GSMarena writes about it.

The battery is currently wrapped in foil and attached to the phone with adhesive strips, which you need to pull to remove the battery.

How Apple is reportedly working on moving to a metal case that will eject the batteryafter receiving a small electrical jolt. The technology is reportedly called Electrically Induced Adhesive Peeling. Whether that sounds easier than peeling off the adhesive tabs is debatable.

Getting to the battery will be as difficult as it is now – first you have to go through the glue that holds the glass parts to the phone's frame, then through several screws and ribbon cables.

Future iPhones will live longer: company makes replacement easier batteries

Replacing the battery in new iPhones may be easier/Freepik photo

Apple may test the new battery case on at least one iPhone model 16 later this year and is expected to carry over to the entire iPhone 17 series next year.

Many other manufacturers use similar adhesive tabs, which means that by next year they will also need to find a way to make battery replacement easier.

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