Furious, Juan Sebastián Cabal asks to be left alone and not to be associated with politicians anymore

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The tennis player asked to stop the insults against him, since they usually associate him with Rodolfo Hernández and María Fernanda Cabal

Furious, Juan Sebastián Cabal asks to be left alone and not to be associated with politicians anymore

Bogotá. March 03, 2020. Bogota. Colombian tennis players Robert Farah and Juan Sebastián Cabal, who are part of the Colombian Tennis Team, offered a press conference prior to their participation in the Davis Cup. In the photo: Juan Sebastian Cabal. (Colprensa-Diego Pineda)

Tired of being associated with politicians after showing his support for the engineer Rodolfo Hernández in the 2022 presidential elections, Valle del Cauca tennis player Juan Sebastián Cabal posted on his Twitter account on Friday, November 4.

The followers and Internet users who are watching Juan Sebastián Cabal in Twitter not only associates him with the former congressman from the Anti-Corruption Governors League, but also with the senator from the Democratic Center party, María Fernanda Cabal.

However, the athlete of the so-called Colombian Powerlashed out at those who constantly insult him for his interactions and posts shared on social media, asking Twitter users to stop ravishing him with political situations whenever possible.

Sending a message in favor of building a better country, this was said by the right-hand man of the Colombian-Canadian tennis player, Robert Farah, around 6:37 p.m. m. on Friday, November 4:

I am a tennis player and I do NOT have relatives in politics!!! So please stop @ with comments related to some politician, besides most are negative (insults) and rather let's start being better people if what we want is a better country 🙏🏻

Furious, Juan Sebastián Cabal asks to be left alone and not to be associated with politicians anymore

Trill by Juan Sebastián Cabal asking not to be associated with politicians anymore/(Twitter: @juanscabal)

Openly antipetrista, the doubles champion tennis player at the US Open and Wimbledon< /b>2019 used his Instagram account on July 9 of this year to not overlook a comment citing in one of his stories an opinion column from the digital media Última Hora Col, called “The campaign of hate and lies” with the photo of then-presidential candidate Gustavo Petro in the background.

In this sense, the 36-year-old athlete from Valle del Cauca attacked the Pact's candidate Historical with a comment that incites doubt and uncertainty about your next vote. This is how he referred to the publication cited on the night of Wednesday, June 8:

“After reading this note, you can expect anything from this man 🤔”.

Furious, Juan Sebastián Cabal asks to be left alone in peace and that they no longer associate him with politicians

Juan Sebastián Cabal refers to Gustavo Petro ahead of the second round of the presidential elections for the period 2022 – 2026/(Instagram: jscabal)

The publication did not take long to receive criticism from other Internet users who they stopped following the information portal, calling them “yellow ”, “defamers” and “sold out” with only 704 “likes”.

But what did the Instagram post say about Gustavo Petro from Última Hora Colombia?

The digital portal summarized its post arguing why the one that Petro Urrego he was willing to “do whatever it takes” to become the head of state of Colombia.

They report that the native of Ciénaga de Oro has aspired to be a presidential candidate twice and failed both times, but despite the defeats, has not yet learned his lesson:

“Petro continues to use the same political strategy: destroy rivals through hate campaigns and lies. At this time, his opponent, Rodolfo Hernández, whom he previously sought to make alliances, no longer dismisses him as corrupt, creator of false positives and labor exploiter. And while Rodolfo Hernandez is not a sweet pear, his attacks, equally reprehensible, are not systematic and sick towards a single target, as Petro does.”

Furious, Juan Sebastián Cabal asks to be left alone and not to be associated with politicians anymore

The controversy between the representative Castillo and the 'rodolfistas' It was born after an interview in which the engineer's former vice-presidential formula revealed lurid details of their relationship after the elections. Photo: @LigaGobernantes, Twitter.

Farah and Cabal were electoral witnesses for Rodolfo Hernández

Parallel to the sporting scene, Cabal and Farah were electoral witnesses for the candidates for the League of Anti-Corruption Governors party, Rodolfo Hernández and Marelen Castillo, in the second presidential round in Colombia.

Given the interest in being part of the event, the athletes registered in London, with which they could exercise their right to vote at polling stations set up on British soil.

According to the Registrar's Office, being electoral witnesses does not allow tennis players to vote in the capital of England on June 13, the date on which the voting tables were opened in this country.

Being electoral witnesses does not allow tennis players to have the opportunity to vote, since they must have their identity card registered abroad or be voting jurors, as happened with Sebastián Yatra in Madrid< /b>, who pointed out that he made this decision because it was the only way he had to exercise his right to vote.

Rodolfo Hernández took the opportunity to thank the tennis players for their participation with the aim of helping to prevent electoral fraud during the second presidential round:

Thanks to the tennis players Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah for helping me to block electoral fraud this 19th of June. I hope to greet you personally to reiterate my feeling of admiration and appreciation. I will not fail you!