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Funding: no survey of the Ethics Commissioner on Gilles Bélanger

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Gilles Bélanger found himself in the embarrassment at the start of the week after the revelations by The Canadian Press concerning the CAQ's financing methods. (Archive photo)


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While he found himself in embarrassment at the beginning of the week after the revelations by The Canadian Press concerning the methods of funding of the CAQ, the Ethics Commissioner confirms that she will not open an investigation into the MP for Orford, Gilles Bélanger.

In addition, no investigation will be conducted into the member for René-Lévesque, Yves Montigny, who was also targeted in the same case.

The solidarity MP, Vincent Marissal, had sent two requests for investigations to the Ethics Commissioner for the financing files of the two MPs. He accused the CAQ deputies of monetizing access to ministers during fundraising cocktails.

In an email from the office of the Ethics Commissioner, it is explained that the two investigation requests in question are considered inadmissible since they do not contain reasonable grounds, based among other things on the Commissioner's case law, to believe that a breach of the Code could have been committed.

MP Gilles Bélanger repeats that no rules were broken in the invitation sent to elected officials by one of his volunteers. It was an initiative on his part and he was happy to do it. He took my contact base and sent them an invitation, he explains in an interview on the show Vivement le retour.

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It is not an obligation to come and participate in a cocktail party. There are perhaps mayors who were offended because they wanted to meet the minister [Guilbault] and discuss their issues [with her]. But this is not the place for that, he continues.

The volunteer is in no way at fault. The invitation did not say: you will meet the minister in [exchange] of $100. […] Everything was done according to the rules of the art.

A quote from Gilles Bélanger, MP for Orford

The Canadian Press revealed Monday that nearly half of Quebec's mayors had funded the CAQ since 2021, for a total of nearly $100,000.

The opposition saw it as a system, but the CAQ denied on Tuesday having set up a fundraising system for monetize access to his ministers.

According to a message obtained by The Canadian Press on Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Bélanger invited the mayors of the MRC of Memphrémagog last November to meet the Minister of Transport, Geneviève Guilbault, in exchange for a contribution of $100.

Remember that two investigations by the Ethics Commissioner are already underway concerning the financing practices of other members of the Caucus caucus, Sylvain Lévesque and Louis-Charles Thouin.

Pointed out, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) announced Thursday that it was drawing a line under popular financing. In Estrie, the decision is not unanimous.

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