Fugitive Kiva residence discovered

Fugitive Kiva residence discovered

Fugitive Kiva's place of residence discovered

Probably a member of the banned OPLA, Ilya Kiva, has settled in the elite cottage town of Agalarov Estate in the Moscow region.

According to Bihus.Info, based on an analysis of videos published in Kiva's telegram channel, he travels in Russia in a second-restyled Toyota Land Cruiser 200. This armored SUV, as evidenced by the characteristic partition between the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment. The car was modified by Armor Group. The estimated cost of such an armored car – 15-20 million rubles.

Fugitive Kiva Residence Detected  

In Kyiv, Kiva drove another armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 owned by Oksana Marchenko – Viktor Medvedchuk's wife.

He travels to Moscow from the village of Pokrovskoye, located in the western suburbs, along the Novorizhskoye highway. This is confirmed by video recordings in which journalists identified Zvenigorodskoye Highway, Mnevniki Street, Novorizhskoye Highway, as well as British Petroleum gas stations in Nakhabino and the Miratorg supermarket. in Pokrovskoe.

Fugitive Kiva's Residence Found

Also, Kiva published several videos, most likely recorded directly on the territory of the Agalarov Estate cottage town, not far from Pokrovsky.

The video from May 29, which has already been removed from the Kiva channel, shows trees, a pond, a lawn, hills, a sandy area and a golf cart. Not far from Pokrovsky is the Agalarov Estate golf club. In other videos of Kiva, you can see street lights, which are also on the Google panorama from the western border of the Agalarov Estate. Also on the territory of this town there is a Crocus fitness center. Videos from Kiva's channel show that he trains in it.

Fugitive Kiva residence discovered  

“Given Kiva's regular visits to the golf club and Crocus Fitness, most likely, the ex-people's deputy lives in the elite cottage town of Agalarov Estate,” Bihus.Info reports.

Journalists also identified possible places residence of relatives of the ex-people's deputy. Kiva's mother most likely lives in Spain, in the province of Alicante. Ilya Kiva's brother Dmitry has a company in the UK – D Design and Development LTD – and registered in Broomle. Ilya Kiva also has a sister – 25-year-old Anna Igorevna Stelmakh. She lives and works in Lucerne, Switzerland, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Composed by: Nina Petrovich