From this November 7, flights between Venezuela and Colombia are reopened, there are expectations in the environment

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The first flights are from the airline Satena and are close to 2 million pesos

From this November 7, flights between Venezuela and Colombia are reopened, there are expectations in the environment

El Dorado Airport. PHOTO: BOGOTÁ.GOV.CO

Since relations between Venezuela and Colombia began to be restored, some issues have advanced effectively, such as the reopening of flights that was announced a few weeks ago and it will become official, this Monday November 7, bringing with it expectations between the parties, as it becomes an important opportunity, especially in economic matters.

“We are happy with this dynamic that is being generated by the new winds that are blowing between the two governments and the interests of the president of our country, Gustavo Petro and his counterpart Nicolás Maduro, work with this purpose of strengthening the ties between the two countries”, noted Donamaris Ramírez, former mayor of Cúcuta a Caracol Radio.

In this sense, he asked the national government that this test expand rapidly and not be centralized in the capitals, since there are other areas that have the capacity to attend international flights: “We hope that the city is included within those destinations and that this does not end between Bogotá and Caracas, the Cúcuta airport has all the capacity to operate and receive all travelers who want to use this terminal.”

And he added: “the terminals Aerials that are over the municipalities of the state Táchira enjoy good conditions and can be used in the future in this air traffic that we hope will be of benefit to both countries within the respectful and diplomatic work that has been done.”

Let us remember that the airline that would start the trip first would be Wingo, which has always maintained its will to operate these routes. However, the first will be Satena, which has received wide criticism for its prices, which would be worth close to 2 million pesos.

“Wingo has authorization from Aerocivil and has accredited compliance with the requirements before the Venezuelan authority regarding the Bogotá-Caracas-Bogotá route, with seven weekly frequencies. It is ready to market its flights once the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Venezuela authorizes it”, indicated the Aerocivil as mentioned by the economic newspaper La República.

Likewise, the one that would follow in the implementation process would be Avianca, which through a statement expressed its enthusiasm for the opening of borders and the positive impact that it will bring to the countries and assured that it is carrying out the respective processes to activate as soon as possible. your activity.

“From Avianca we receive with great optimism the news related to the reopening of the border between Colombia and Venezuela from September 26. Four months ago we formally started the operational and regulatory process to activate our Bogotá-Caracas flight and we are ready to reconnect two sister countries. Recently, we received the endorsement from the Venezuelan authorities so that our technical team can visit the Maiquetía airport. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for permission to market the flight, so that we can start operating it in the next two or three months,” added Felipe Gómez, Director of Institutional Relations and Sustainability at Avianca.

Let us remember that flights from one country to another were suspended in March 2020, due to the request made by the Venezuelan aeronautics as a measure to face covid-19 and the global pandemic. Until then, the only remaining airline offering routes between the countries was Wingo, which had four flights a week between El Dorado Airport in Bogotá and Maiquetía Airport in Caracas.