From the landfill to the front: Tesla Model X from the USA appeared in Ukraine with a complete loss

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From the landfill to the front: Tesla Model X from the USA appeared in Ukraine with a complete loss

Ukraine — one of the markets on the edge of Europe where Tesla is not officially represented. Neither service centers nor superchargers can be found in the country, which now has to defend itself against the attack of Russia's big neighbor. However, this does not change the fact that there is a lively Tesla scene in Ukraine based on imported cars. They were often decommissioned elsewhere and then brought back into service by local experts. And as the current case shows, the network is spreading to the USA.

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Trash Tesla next to Drake's music

User @jyarow, according to his profile as editor-in-chief of financial broadcaster CNBC, reported an "unusual situation" at X on Thursday. He got into an accident with his Tesla, which led to its complete death. And now he was surprised to find that the car ended up in Ukraine, he said. In addition, the journalist published a screenshot from his Tesla app, which shows a location near the city of Kherson (see above), not far from where one of the fronts of the war is currently taking place. X's message does not reveal whether the EV can be monitored via the app while driving. But as @jyarow wrote, he could see that his Tesla was being used again: the Spotify app in it with his own account had been activated and someone was listening to Musk Drake through it, he reported. He then logged out of his Spotify account – and when he heard that his Tesla was close to the front, he felt embarrassed. Then the surprised ex-owner told CNBC colleagues in more detail about the background of the amazing discovery. Thus, Tesla – it's the Model X he crashed last year. The insurance company declared it a total loss, and the car initially ended up in a junkyard in the US state of New Jersey. Then he found a new owner at an auction from a specialist seller who apparently brought him to Ukraine.

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Hacker requires further deletion

If the Tesla computer is still working after the accident, there is a chance to erase the personal settings and data stored on it using a factory reset. If this is no longer possible or forgotten, the next owner of the entire electric car or even the on-board computer can access it, as @jyarow has now discovered.

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According to IT expert @greentheonly, who continues to buy old Tesla computers, the data that can be read from them also includes the phone book and calendar entries of previous owners. The manufacturer could probably easily provide a remote wipe option if the abandoned Tesla is still on the previous owner's account, and he believes it should have been done so long ago, he told CNBC.