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From the creators of NASAMS: Ukraine can get new NOMADS air defense systems

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun19,2024

From the creators of NASAMS: Ukraine can get new NOMADS air defense systems

Norwegian defense company Kongsberg announced the launch of the NOMADS anti-aircraft missile system on the market. According to German media, Berlin is considering the possibility of providing this highly mobile short-range air defense system to the Armed Forces.

The German government is considering the transfer of new NOMADS air defense systems to Ukraine. The anti-aircraft missile complex was presented by the Norwegian weapons manufacturer Kongsberg, which is known for its NASAMS air defense system. This is a highly mobile anti-aircraft missile complex for the protection of maneuver elements of ground troops at the front on a tracked chassis of the German company FFG. It was presented at the Eurosatory international arms exhibition in Paris.

The system consists of a SHORAD (Short Range Air Defense) module installed on an armored vehicle with high cross-country ability. SHORAD combines the key command and control functions and applications of the NASAMS medium-range system and includes a passive search missile and an AESA radar.

NOMADS is capable of detecting and intercepting drones, UAVs, cruise missiles, helicopters and aircraft. The air defense systems are equipped with the Iris-T SLS guided missile from Diehl.

In total, the Norwegian Armed Forces will receive six vehicles, four of which have already been delivered. At the end of May, the NOMADS system successfully passed combat tests, during which two missiles were fired. NOMADS (National Maneuver Air Defense System), but the Norwegian military dropped the letter S and called it NOMAD (Norwegian Maneuver Air Defense), which is also read as “nomad”.

As Hartpunkt writes, the German government is considering provision of this system to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Natasha Kumar

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