From the club they defend themselves and deny pressure with the brave bar. 

Medellin is looking for a coach to replace Julio Comesaña, who left after the team failed to qualify for the final of La Liga.

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This Monday, Comesaña gave controversial statements in which he assured that his departure was not by mutual agreement, as announced by the Powerful club.

Comesaña, in the Vbar program of Caracol Radio, affirmed that the Medellin leadership used the barra brava to pressure the coach out.

Response in the DIM

In the same radio space, there was a response from the leaders of the Powerful team. First it was President Daniel Ossa, who stated before the controversy:

“In Daniel Ossa's office there is room for all people, baristas, 50-year-old fans, women, businessmen. My bond is close with all the fans, from there to there saying that we are looking for his exit is an erroneous subject of the teacher. We we come from the private company, we have worked with personnel, we pay taxes,” he assured.

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Later, the owner of the club, Raúl Giraldo, came on air, who vehemently denied the version given by the coach.

“You know how we work, we don't go out to call the radio. Nobody's departure. That's not right. People like morbidity and blood. Send Dimayor to investigate…”, said the leader.

To Comesaña's words, adding that Ossa handled the team like a “toy”, Giraldo said:

“Being a toy, we have played 8 finals, where Nacional, which is the largest in the world, did not see us play 8 times. We have won 3, we have done something, we know about soccer. We are not appeared”.

In addition, both leaders insisted that Julio's departure was by mutual agreement, denying the coach's version.

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