From social responsibility to active support

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From public responsibility to active support

In the conditions of war, solidarity and support of the army become especially important aspects. Therefore, donations and assistance in any form are crucial to protect our country, to ensure the safety of citizens and to strengthen peace in society. Supporting the armed forces is an expression of patriotism and civic responsibility. When citizens and organizations invest their resources in the military, they demonstrate their willingness to defend their homeland.

It also helps to strengthen the unity of the people in difficult times and support the spirit of national solidarity. Our entire country has proven to partners and others that we are standing up for our country to the last. This is an example of the need to continue fighting for one's native land, for one's people, and for one's well-being. Recently, on the initiative of the caring people from the “Wolves” company; help was organized for our boys and girls to the front. Without hesitation, a team led by the deputy of the Brovary City Council, Oleksandr Kazakov, joined her. Thanks to the promptness, food, medicine, personal hygiene products and generators were sent to soldiers from the 127th Battalion and 44th Brigade. Soon this humanitarian aid will be delivered to our boys and girls at the front.

Aid to the Armed Forces is not only about providing weapons, ammunition and military equipment. We must not forget that our people are fighting for us at the front, who need ordinary and everyday things. Anyone can help our army in this way, an example is a large number of volunteers, media people and officials. We must always remember that everything starts small and then grows into something big and significant. That's why our gathering and solidarity fuels not only the hope for a happy future, but also cheers up the heroes who are standing against a stone wall, facing the enemy face to face.

That is why we take an example from such guys from the “Wolves” company. ; and Oleksandr Kazakov with his team. We join similar initiatives, support volunteers and boldly step towards victory!

From social responsibility to of active support

From social responsibility to active support

< p>From social responsibility to active support