From Nudgi to Workaholism: Five Atypical Signs of Depression

From Nudgi to Workaholism: Five Atypical Signs of Depression

People often use the term “depression” incorrectly. Your turmoil and timchasov apathy are not varto stray with depression – the stench will soon pass away.

From boredom to workaholism: n’n’near the atypical signs of depression

< p> Depression is a serious mental illness, as if pouring into thoughts, emotions, and that behavior. There are standard signs: thoughts about self-destruction, impaired appetite and sleep, decreased libido.

Ah, besides them, there are a number of non-obvious factors, in order to respect them. The stench can be the red flags of depression. Psychologist Elena Arkhipova.

Atypical signs of depression

Fearlessness and fearlessness

A psychologist explained: people who suffer from depression , you can behave like this, you don’t want to flow into reality. For example, just get an expensive ticket for a flyer to the other country for the rest of the money.

– As an argument, you can smell the following phrase: “I said to myself, there is no meaning, there is nothing in me. All I want is to feel good. There’s that varte,” Arkhipova said.

Such people do not ponder over the future, and like the likes of vchinka on the new one. For them, the meaning is “here and now”. Therefore, the stench can be filled with gambling, extreme cursing, unsafe sports and other speeches. Depression can be caused by irrationality.

Inadequate reactions

People who experience depression may react inadequately to situations. For example, laugh at a funeral, or cry at a conference. As a result, people change their reactions to the next level of respect.

From boredom to workaholism: n’n’n’sing out atypical signs of depression


— If a person is going through a depressive episode, then not a lot of speeches can turn his respect. Everything is given over to boring, banal, and you don’t want to waste your time on that susilla, – the psychologist explains.

For її words, the people step by step are moved to other things to occupy, and they are deprived of just watching the TV, social media that dream. You might think that a person is tired and needs to know a new interest, but it can also be a serious sign of depression. Qi almost mask deep emotions.

– Really, anger may always be accompanied by pain, confusion and fear. Sing while the person is trembling for anger, she is resting at the station of depression, – spit Arkhipova. .jpg” alt=”From boredom to workaholism: n’five atypical signs of depression” />


If a person is trying to take advantage of himself robot, you can try to unique your feelings. You don’t want to get involved in them, so you give respect to others. Sometimes it’s possible that a person is trying to achieve high results, but you can also be masked by depression.

— People in depression can be able to get away with it, that they can’t change it in their life in themselves, that’s why they stink those who can cherubate. І tse – a robot, – rozpovidaє psikhologiya.