From Lutsk, the monkey is robbed of all disrespectful representatives of the zoo

From Lutsk, the monkey is robbed of all disrespectful representatives of the zoo

Lutsk monkey is robbed of all disrespectful zookeepers

Photo: Lutsk zoo< /em>

Lutsk Zoo has a Lapunder monkey named "Kvitka" stole a gold earring from the young lady. Vіdvіduvachtsі turned the embellishment, – the director of the zoo Lyudmila Denisenko told Suspіlny.

It's not the first time, if the Card is stolen from the vets. "Prikrasi learned to see without injury, wow at the sight blower", — say the director of the zoo.

In order for the macaque to turn around, the stolen earring had to be taken care of. "Mavpochka just like that your "prize" don't see. Her skin needs to be remembered for what she seems to be addicted to at that moment. Also, yearlings go to the aviary either with toys, or with smakolikami”, – speak Lyudmila Denisenko.

About the macaque-radio rozpovidaє, scho it is already smart, in Lutsk there are more than three rocks, the creature was brought from the Kiev zoo. Nini Quotes from this rock.

"On a special rahunka – already not one "plundering. Our guards were left without bracelets, eyepieces, earrings, keys, telephones, and a lot of other ancient speeches, so it’s important to keep a safe distance and not get close to the enclosures with creatures, & ndash; It seems like Lyudmila Denisenko.

For the second time, the creature herself threw an earring. Mabut, – zhartuє director of the zoo, – then it wasn’t worth the gold, otherwise it’s so easy for the Kvitka to not give away the loot.

Z she knows from herself the power of lanyard earrings, whether or not to embellish them with other details.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich