From Kim Kardashian to Meryl Streep: the most spectacular jewels worn by the stars

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Although most gemstones and precious metals are associated with eccentricity, vanity, and wealth, some celebrities have never even owned them


Marco Ruíz

From Kim Kardashian to Meryl Streep: the most spectacular jewels worn by the stars

A star not only shines for his talent, but also for what he is wearing (Photo: Infobae México)

A star shines not only for his talent, but also for what he is wearing. More than one famous woman knows this very well, because whether on or off screen, at prizes or casual occasions, in spectacular magazine covers or simply in photos for their social networks, jewels not only add glamor to their lives, but also allow them to create a unique concept with which their audience can easily identify them.

Although most precious metals and gemstones are associated with eccentricity, vanity and wealth, some celebrities have not even owned them, in other cases they are usually worth exorbitant fortunes or in the shameful worst case they were stolen.

That is why here we present the jewels more spectacular than the stars wore, detailing the moments and places that allowed them to conquer, the stories that exist behind them or how some have even been kidnapped to obtain them.

The queen of jewels: Kim Kardashian< /h2>

From Kim Kardashian to Meryl Streep: the most spectacular jewels worn by the stars

The actress no longer allows her luxurious jewelery collection to be seen in public Photo © 2022 Backgrid UK/The Grosby Group

Possibly the approximate fortune of almost 800 million euros of the socialite may be the key argument as to why each new garment, item or jewel or that another relevant celebrity came to use always ends up in her possession. The last widely remembered episode was with the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress that she wore during the MET GALA 2022, it caused great controversy for having damaged it being a historical piece, but her jewelry collection far exceeds the moment.

The last name Kardashian it has become synonymous with glamour, wealth, girl power and fame. But none of that empire would be possible without the participation of Kim within the family nucleus made up mostly of women, because despite the fact that they were always surrounded by celebrities and very popular personalities in the United States, the eldest of the sisters was responsible for that their fame reached incalculable levels and what has positioned them as the most popular solialites in history.

Hence the most recent news that he acquired a piece that belonged to Diana de Gales, an icon for half the world and also for her, has joined as the influencer's spectacular new jewel. It is a striking cross-shaped pendant with amethysts and diamonds that she wore on several occasions. According to People magazine, Kim jumped at the chance to purchase it at the prestigious annual Royal & Sotheby's Noble; the value: 182,000 euros, organizers of the event point out that “it was double their estimate prior to the auction”.

From Kim Kardashian to Meryl Streep : the most spectacular jewels worn by the stars

This is the piece worn by Diana of Wales and now purchased by Kim Kardashian PHOTO: TIM GRAHAM PHOTO LIBRARY VIA GETTY

However, she does have a wide collection of pieces from major specialty fashion houses in precious metals and precious stones. Something that has put her on the radar of fans and even thieves, which is why she is the protagonist of one of the most mediatic robberies in history for having the shiny accessories that everyone would like to have.

“I was in bed when I was woken up by accelerated footsteps on the stairs that gave access to my room, immediately I knew they were coming for me,” he said in an interview conducted by David Letterman for his program My next guest needs no introduction.

It all happened during Paris Fashion Week, October 3, 2016. It was approximately 15 minutes after 3 am when the French commissioner Christian Sainte received a call from the police headquarters located at 36 du Quai des Orfèbres, being only the beginning of the story of the great riot of jewels that were taken from the socialite.

Meryl Streep and María Félix

 From Kim Kardashian to Meryl Streep: the most spectacular jewels worn by the stars

Meryl Streep, the latest clue about a missing María Félix necklace (Photos: AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian/Twitter/@ladoña_mx)

María Félix's jewelryThey were one more extension of her personal brand, since they are one of the differentiating elements that made the great diva of Mexico one of the greatest celebrities of all time. That is well known to Hollywood celebrities who during her life, and even after her death, have sought a way to relate to her, even by wearing one of her clothes and jewelry, as was the case with Meryl Streep , who was seen wearing a well-known and iconic one.

The Beetle necklace is said to be made of gold 18 carats, chalcedony, coral, onyx and diamonds. Originally, the necklace belonged to La Doña,but in 1996 it was auctioned in Geneva, Switzerland. The world watched her walk on the Oscars red carpet with Streep, but in 2010 she was part of the “Always in Style: 150 years or Artistic Jewels” lot at Sotheby's New York. Since then, everything around the jewel has been a mystery.

Lindsay Lohan and the theft accusations against her

From Kim Kardashian Meryl Streep: the most spectacular jewels the stars wore

The actress came to pose a stolen jewel REUTERS/Stephane Mahe/File Photo

Difficult as it may seem, the protagonist of great contemporary film classics such as Crazy Friday, Herbie at full speed , A Game of Twins and the film guilty of many people wearing pink every October 3 Mean Girls, has been accused on more than one occasion of having stolen jewellery, watches and even coats, all very spectacular.

Although the first big scandal related to the subject occurred in 2008, when she was accused of stealing a fur coat from another girl at a party, but she denied it and it was never verified, it was only a year later that she would be detonated in this count. .

In 2009 she visited the showroom of jewelry designer Arielle de Pinto, where she “borrowed” several pieces for a photo session. She took a printout of her credit card in case something happened with the accessories. The jewelsthey were never returned by the actress. In 2010, the actress was accused of stealing a $35,000 Rolex watch from a friend, which she denied, despite publicly displaying the accessory.

From Kim Kardashian to Meryl Streep: the most spectacular jewels that the stars wore

Lindsay Lohan had more than one legal issue for this

Unfortunately at that time the actress faced a difficult derivative of the excessive consumption of alcohol and illegal substances, which although she was also put in the public eye for her multiple arrests, the theft of accessories has become the greatest torment of his past, because although he has now returned with great success to the seventh art, his detractors continue to remind him of what happened a year later again.

In April 2011, she spent five hours in custody for the theft of a necklace valued at $2,500 from a Los Angeles jewelry store. A year later, she was suspected of stealing $100,000 worth of jewelry and Rolex watches, but the case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Lady Gaga won her first Oscar with a jewel valued at 30 million dollars

From Kim Kardashian to Meryl Streep: the most spectacular jewels worn by the stars

Lady Gaga is the third woman in history to wear the jewel (Photo: Instagram/@ladygaga )

The Monster Mother was the frontrunner for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award, and not exactly in the Best Actress category, but for Best Original Song with Shallow-from the film A Star Is Born-, which did grant her her first Oscar.

The singer not only made history by getting one of the most expensive jewels in the world, rarely seen publicly and that few women have worn around their necks. The Tiffany Diamond, considered one of the most important mineral discoveries of the 19th century, was discovered in 1877 in the Kimberley mines of South Africa. Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany purchased the rough diamond the following year, cementing Tiffany's reputation as the diamond authority for the brand.

From Kim Kardashian to Meryl Streep: the most spectacular jewels in the world. s spectacular that the stars wore

The enormous jewel has an estimated value of 30 million dollars (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

With a security team of dimension presidential, as well as becoming the third woman to wear it, Lady Gaga dazzled on the red carpet of the Oscars 2019, as well as during her live presentation and when she went to collect her distinguished award.

Though she was loaned just for the occasion, the eccentric actress literally had 30 million dollars on her, making her one of the most popular looks s most expensive in history and only for the jewel.

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