From 'Estamos melos' to being a coach on OYE, J Balvin's app: “Artists have a mission to liven up life”

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Bomby, the Antioquian artist behind the song of the year in 2018, is one of the Colombians who collaborated with his colleague to launch an application that promotes emotional well-being through creativity


María Paula González

From ‘We are sweet’ to being a coach in OYE, the J Balvin app: “Artists have the mission of liven up life & rdquo;

Bomby is one of the artists who collaborates with J Balvin on his emotional well-being app. Social media photo

Since last September 22, OYE has been available on mobile application download platforms, a mental well-being app co-created by the urban artist J Balvin, together with Mario Chamorro and Patrick Dowd. The goal of this platform is to give people a new way to meditate, especially if they suffer from some mental illness such as depression or anxiety.

Through of music and dance, which helped Balvin himselfto cope with his own history with these conditions, in addition to therapy and medication, OYE becomes a new way of achieving well-being through the concept of transforming emotions into creative actions.

However, the work also highlights those who were selected to carry out the meditation and practice sessions that the users of the app can carry out; For this, people were summoned who, in addition to being able to lead meditation sessions, also managed to do it in a different way. One of them was Bomby, a young paisa artist remembered for being the creator of the song 'Estamos melos'.

Run in 2018, when the Colombian National Team once again dreamed of reaching the World Cup in the World Cup in Russia and there, the soccer player Yerry Mina shared the phrase 'are we better? Sisas, sisas ’, which was part of the first song he presented Bomby, an artist who grew up in Comuna 13 in Medellín.

In dialogue with Infobae Colombia, the artist spoke about his arrival at OYE , the practices he has within the app and the reasons why, for him, music is essential to achieve emotional well-being. In addition, he remembered the success of his first song and what it brought him for the rest of his life.

From ‘We are sweet’ to being a coach in OYE, the J Balvin app: “Artists have the mission of liven up life & rdquo;

Bomby helps OYE users in a way almost similar to what J Balvin does with his work, as this Colombian is also a singer-songwriter influenced mainly by Caribbean sounds and rhythms from the African diaspora. Courtesy

“I come to OYE when from the application they say that they are looking for people who can do a meditation in a certain way and they point out that they knew my work. I respect José a lot, I admire him a lot, and it fills me with happiness to know that he understands why I make my art that goes beyond and transcends the musical part. They tell me 'we believe that your music, what you do transcends and you understood very well how the power of music works”, pointed out the 27-year-old.

On the platform, for the moment, the urban artist has two practices available, through which he connects people with his two great passions, composition and dance, which he uses to help them transform their emotions in a positive way. “What I did was demonstrate how, for example, from the composition you can go from sadness to happiness, taking out all the negative things you have,” he explained.

“People don't have to sing, it can be a poem, because music is poetry… the body also has to be fine, if you're not fine with yourself, you won't be able to better deliver that to people . That's what my two practices are about,” the singer-songwriter explained.

The second is focused on dance as a creative tool for well-being and mental health, in which the artist tries to connect people with how fundamental each part of their body is. “I broke down the body to show how each gear works… the hands, the feet and how with them to make different sounds and movements, that makes the brain good, with this I thought that people see how through from art we can get out of worries”.

Through this knowledge, the singer-songwriter, influenced mainly by Caribbean sounds and rhythms from the African diaspora, seeks to free OYE users from loneliness and connect with their inner rhythm. In addition, Bomby pointed out that he works on this from his own experience, in which music has been the tool he has used to take care of his mental health.

< p>From ‘We are sweet’ to being a coach in OYE, the J Balvin app: “Artists have the mission of liven up life & rdquo;


“Yes, I can be talking about the perreo all the way down and in low light, but the music is making you think 'this is cool ' and away from stress and worry.”

The Bomby FamilyHe comes from Chocó, but his parents moved to Medellín before he was born and that is why he grew up in a neighborhood in Comuna 13, where he discovered his interest in music and, thanks to the cultural initiative Son Batá< /b>, connected with the rhythms of his Pacific cultural roots.

Since he was a child, the paisa artist began to learn music and, although this was something he discovered over the years, from that moment he not only learned to play instruments, but also to see in music a utility for his happiness. For the composer, many people are prevented by therapy and psychologists, something that has changed over time, but music has always been a relief for the soul.

“When I started playing the clarinet, they were teaching me respect, discipline, constant dedication and many more, just by handing me the instrument. Music, sports, they teach you things that help you get out of negative concentration and transform meditation from something supposedly boring into something that helps you connect with yourself”, he clarified.

With 'Estamos melos', the Colombian artist achieved a platinum and double platinum record for the song's 16 million reproductions; however, what he has been able to transform with his music and inspire the youth of Comuna 13 is much more important to him. “I believe that the mission of artists in the world is to liven up existence , because life is not easy, but as an artist you can help people lead a cooler life… I think I have done my mission well”.