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zv 42 From Andrea Legarreta to the "Weather Girl": the women who rejected Luis Miguel - The Times Hub

From Andrea Legarreta to the “Weather Girl”: the women who rejected Luis Miguel

From Andrea Legarreta to the "Weather Girl": the women who rejected Luis Miguel

His light eyes, his wide smile and his blonde hair are the first thing that attracts attention in him. Although his style changed over the years, when he reached maturity , Luis Miguel was characterized by his great bearing, his chivalry and how affectionate he could be. His list of conquests is extensive and to date he can still steal sighs from his followers .

However, despite the enormous appeal of the Sol de México , there have been some women in show business who were able to resist him.

From Andrea Legarreta to the "Weather Girl": the women who rejected Luis Miguel

Alejandra Ávalos

She captivated many ears and eyes with her performances and songs back in the 80's. Although she was very beautiful at the time, what earned her a contract with Warner Bros. Records was her talent . It would be because of this decision that he would cross paths with Luis Miguel. It was in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante that he recalled how he met the interpreter of La unconditional and how his relationship with him was.

Apparently, the ballad heartthrob had gotten the phone number with a manager of the record company and the reason he was looking for her was to invite her to a dinner for the presentation of his record material. Since then a somewhat strange friendship developed between the singer of Amor fascíname and El Sol de México. She remembered him as someone affectionate, kind and a seducer, but she was always clear with her feelings: she was never interested in Luis Miguel as a couple.

It wasn't until an event in Acapulco where Alejandra and Mickey were at his house that their friendship ended . Despite Luis Miguel's attempts to conquer Alejandra, she did not give in until he gave the singer an ultimatum : "He got angry and told me 'well if you leave I will never speak to you again ," he declared. Alejandra decided to leave the house and that was the end.

From Andrea Legarreta to the "Weather Girl": the women who rejected Luis Miguel

Luz Elena González

In any of its facets (as an actress, host and even a singer) Guadalajara dazzles with its enormous beauty. And it was such a characteristic that attracted the attention of Luis Miguel . She remembered it long ago when she was in Confessions with Aurora Valle. According to González, he maintained “a beautiful relationship, one of friendship; of a different courtship. He is a person who likes to be alone… he doesn't like photos. What I experienced are beautiful memories, it was a beautiful experience.

Apparently, this rapprochement started when Luis Miguel invited her to one of his concerts , the same one to which Luz Elena agreed to go because she was sad as a result of her recent break with him. actor Rafael Amaya . He said that, after the presentation, he went to the hotel of the dark-haired singer and they were at an unforgettable dinner . He recalled that “he came out gorgeous because I waited for him in the living room… I said 'look how handsome, how cute'. (…) My intention was to meet him, not to be with him, in fact, nothing happened.

From Andrea Legarreta to the "Weather Girl": the women who rejected Luis Miguel

Later, Mickey invited her to Acapulco to spend time with him. Although Luz Elena accepted and received the best deals from the singer of Now you can leave , she could not give in due to matters of the heart: “At that moment I confessed the truth to Luis Miguel: I told him 'I'm not going to cheat on you, I'm still in love with Rafael, forgive me, but I can't . ' I think he hated me or I don't know what he thought and it's all over.

Although she tried to regain her relationship with the Lord of the Skies actor , their romance was no longer fixed. Luz Elena admitted to being sorry for having lost such an opportunity with Luis Miguel: " How sad that I was in love with someone else , how many women would not like to be at this moment and I am heartbroken. "

From Andrea Legarreta to the "Weather Girl": the women who rejected Luis Miguel

Andrea Legarreta

It is no secret that the Today's stellar host He has repeatedly said that Erik Rubín, the former member of Timbiriche, is the love of his life and is not seen with any other man by his side. However, that has not prevented Andrea from having a love affair behind her and one of her most emblematic experiences was when Luis Miguel invited her to dinner many years ago.

In an interview with Adela Micha, Legarreta recalled how crazy she was about the Sun of Mexico: “ Luis Miguel fascinated me. Since I was a child, I drool over Luis Miguel. Suddenly we were meeting at certain events and I was drooling. ”

From Andrea Legarreta to the "Weather Girl": the women who rejected Luis Miguel

He recounted the time that Luis Miguel met Andrea Legarreta and his family in Acapulco : “Once we were in a pozolero restaurant in Acapulco and we agreed. He stood very cute, very decent and greeted my family . He usually sends a guy from his team to make the invitation. I think because if you say no, you say to the boy and not to him. ”

However, she had to reject him because at that time she had a boyfriend with whom she dated for 7 years; He didn't feel it was right to accept another man's invitation even if they did nothing. Unfortunately, Andrea Legarreta now regrets not having gone since, later, she found out that her now ex-boyfriend was being unfaithful to them.

From Andrea Legarreta to the "Weather Girl": the women who rejected Luis Miguel

Paty Manterola

Former member of Garibaldi, he had a chaotic affair with his partner Xavier Ortiz. This courtship, although it lasted a long time and led to a failed marriage , had many pauses due to constant breakups that the couple had. It was during the first break that Paty crossed paths with Luis Miguel.

Although he was never a formal partner of the Sun, he has referred to his relationship with him as a "friendship-romance . " Their first approach occurred when Paty's group was returning from Spain and they were on their planes. “We landed in Mexico and Luis Miguel's plane was in the same hangar , that's when private planes were used. We get off and Luis Miguel's manager tells me 'Hey, Paty, Luis Miguel is about to leave on a flight and he wants to say hello.'

He admitted that he agreed to go see him because he was still hurt by the break with Xavi (whom he saw kissing with another woman in Spain). That is how they began to have friction , although he explained that Mickey was already "throwing the wave" for a long time. Their interaction was dinners, the same ones they always had when Paty broke up with Ortiz. They never had anything else because Manterola preferred his bandmate, but he remembers that he was always chivalrous with her.

From Andrea Legarreta to the "Weather Girl": the women who rejected Luis Miguel

Yanet García

Also known as “The most beautiful weather girl in the world” , Yanet was at a high point in her career as she was the one who gave that classic section in the Hoy program. She always raises sighs with her beauty and her body , so much so that, apparently, she managed to attract Luis Miguel's attention.

Apparently, the bridge was Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin , who at that time was Yanet's driving partner and had been a close friend of “Luismi” for years. The incident occurred when Van Rankin met Luis Miguel at one of his concerts after years of being apart.

From Andrea Legarreta to the "Weather Girl": the women who rejected Luis Miguel

At one point, the singer of Puerto Rican origin asked him to introduce him to the attractive model . However, Yanet declined the invitation for "being okay with her boyfriend." At that time, the host was in a relationship with professional Call Of Duty gamer Douglas Martin.

Although their relationship ended later so that Douglas could fully focus on his career as a gamer, Yanet has never said if he regretted having rejected the ballad heartthrob.


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