French women revived dead pigs

French women revived dead pigs

French weddings revived dead pig cells

on the bodies of pigs Organize the pigs in a year after their death.

The team of the scientists went far to discover the blood flow and the function of cells in the bodies of pigs, as if they were dead for a long time. Let me know about France24. It is significant that in 2019 a group of scientists from the United States learned to discover the functions of clitin in the brain of pigs one year after the stench was decapitated. The next time the team tried to expand this technique by the body.

The stinks called out cardiac attack in anesthetized pigs, which led to a spike in blood flow in their bodies. This caused the body to become sour, after which the pigs died.

After a year later, they pumped the body with native blood to avenge the blood of pigs, as well as a synthetic form of hemoglobin and preparations that protect the cells and prevent the formation of blood clots. Since, during the next six years of the experiment, the blood began to circulate again, a lot of cells began to function, including in vital organs.


“ ce to tell us about those that the death of the kіtin can be zupiniti”, – said Nenad Sestan, the senior author of the report and the scientific report of the Yelsk University.

In this way, you can vryatuvat rich human lives, so give the doctors more time for organ transplants.

Previously, it was said that the American organization for the help of piece intelligence, I want to decipher my creature and communicate with them.