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French-made tanks withstood the blows of Russian aerial bombs

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun16,2024

French-made tanks withstood the blows of Russian aerial bombs

French-made VAB armored personnel carriers, recently handed over to the Ukrainian troops as part of military aid, withstood a targeted attack by a Russian guided aerial bomb.

Despite significant damage, the transport the means remained in working condition and were able to evacuate from the impact zone on their own.

The attack took place in a place where several French VAB vehicles were parked. The hit caused numerous damages to the armored hulls of the APC. However, the robust construction of VABs allowed them to remain mobile. After the impact, damaged vehicles were able to be loaded onto transport platforms for repair and rapid recovery.

Ukrainian servicemen highly appreciated the work of VAB, noting their resilience despite their age. The VAB has been in service with the French military for more than 40 years and is gradually being replaced by the new generation Griffon wheeled armored vehicles. The French authorities have promised to continue supplying this armored vehicle to Ukraine. A significant number of VABs are already part of the arsenal of the Ukrainian military, helping them to defend against Russian aggression.

The VAB, more than 5,000 units produced since 1976, is a versatile armored personnel carrier used in various configurations. About 4,000 of these vehicles are in service with the French military, which used them in the Persian Gulf War and numerous peacekeeping missions. The VAB is also exported to and operated in approximately 15 other countries.

The VAB has a welded steel armor casing that provides protection against small arms fire and projectile fragments. In the front part of the machine is the control compartment, the driver's seat is on the left, and the commander's seat — right. Behind it is the engine compartment, which contains a six-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 320 hp. with a hydromechanical transmission that offers five forward gears and one reverse gear. This compartment is equipped with a separate fire extinguishing system. The VAB independent suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers allows you to reach a speed of up to 110 km/h on the highway with a range of 1000 km.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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