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Fredericton reviews AIM response to report on fire at the Saint-Jean site

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The fire in the scrap yard of the AIM company in Saint-Jean , September 14, 2023.


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American Iron and Metal (AIM) responded to the report commissioned by the Government of New Brunswick regarding the major fire that occurred in September in Saint John in a company metal recycling center.

Fredericton had given the company until midnight on December 22 to respond. The government threatened AIM with withdrawing its operating license if the company did not respond to the report in time.

The government spokesperson, Bruce Macfarlane, confirmed that AIM responded before the deadline. The Ministry of Public Security, responsible for the file, is now studying the company's response. The ministry is not giving any date for making its decision regarding the operating permit.

In September, the St. John Fire burned for two days. It led to the closure of schools and the confinement of city residents to their homes due to fumes deemed toxic.

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A huge column of smoke escapes from a pile of scrap metal in Saint-Jean.

In this report, AIM's responsibility was clearly pointed out. The working group which produced this document after investigation considers that a new fire of the same type is very likely. It also determined that AIM did not have an emergency plan and that the metal piles were too high, posing a significant risk of explosion and fire.

The day after the report was published, AIM issued a statement in which the company explained that it was reviewing these findings and had commissioned its own report.< /p>LoadingEnd of the strike: a welcome return to class, but which promises to be difficult

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Contacted on Wednesday, the Quebec company did not respond, as did the port of Saint-Jean which rents the land on which AIM operates the metal center that burned down in September.

Based on reporting by Shane Magee, CBC

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