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Fraudsters stole the phone: what you need to do in advance to save card data and money

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr22,2024

Fraudsters stole the phone: what should be done in advance to save card data and money

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, fraudsters have become more active, victims of which are not only ordinary Ukrainians, but even showbiz stars.

Such cases should not be neglected, and it is better to prepare in advance for the fact that someone will try to steal your personal data, card numbers and funds in the event that the phone disappears, experts advise.

There are many ways to find a lost or stolen phone. Although not all of them guarantee a positive result, it is still worth a try.

To minimize data loss and protect information on your smartphone, it is important to configure it correctly.

First, set a strong password and avoid common lock codes. The facial recognition function is not the most reliable method of protection, because the phone can be unlocked using the photos of the owner. Secondly, on the smartphone lock screen, enter the contact details of a loved one or another phone number (if you have several phones). This will help the person who found the phone contact you.

Third, turn on the backup and check it from time to time. If your phone is lost, this will help you quickly recover data on a new device.

Fourth security measure: Turn on auto-lock after 30 seconds or a minute of device inactivity. This simple method of protection will help limit access to your data by third parties.

In addition, Android-based devices have the “Find My Device'' feature, which should be enabled by default. This function can be found in the section "Security" or "Google — Security» in  phone settings. This function allows you to locate your device with the help of another Android device by installing the Find My Device application.

Owners of iOS-based devices are recommended to use the Locator application, which helps you find your device, take additional steps to return it and protect your data.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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