Frankfurt offers another special vaccination campaign for corona vaccination

Frankfurt offers another special vaccination campaign for corona vaccination

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Frankfurt offers another special vaccination campaign for corona vaccination

EA special vaccination campaign in the Frankfurt Festhalle has only just ended when the city is announcing the next one. From this Wednesday onwards, those wishing to be vaccinated can have an injection against Covid-19 as a precaution. A second appointment is not planned because the Johnson & Johnson product is on offer again. This vaccine is only intended for one injection. This also avoids the risk that people forget their second appointment or simply do not keep them and therefore the vaccine has to be thrown away unused.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

Unlike the previous promotion, the urban offer is not only valid for a few days. Rather, it runs through July 31st, as the city points out. Last week’s campaign, which was tailored to the 2600 Frankfurt residents, was very well received. “We are pleased that we have currently received so much Johnson & Johnson vaccine from the state of Hesse that we can offer further special dates until the end of the month,” said the new head of the health department, Peter Tinnemann.

Interested parties have to register online – the link can be found here.

More cases than a week ago

Michael Heiland, head of the Frankfurt vaccination center, is quoted as saying: “The Frankfurt vaccination center is currently running at full capacity. It is therefore particularly important that everyone arrives at their agreed appointments as punctually as possible. Please cancel appointments that cannot be kept! “

In the corona pandemic, the seven-day incidence in Hesse fell slightly on Tuesday. The number of newly infected people per 100,000 inhabitants on seven consecutive days was 9.3 on Tuesday, according to the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. The previous day the value was 9.6, a week ago it was 7.7. Four weeks earlier, the RKI showed a value of 19 for Hessen.

Within one day, 35 new corona infections were reported on Monday after 23 to seven days. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 291,828 people have officially been infected in Hesse. The RKI reported two new fatalities. So far, 7557 people have died of or with a variant of the corona virus in the state.

According to figures from the Divi Register on Tuesday, there were 58 people with Covid 19 disease in the country’s intensive care units, as reported by the dpa. 23 of them were ventilated. Divi stands for German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine.

57.7 percent of the Hessians with the first vaccination

With both vaccination rates, the centrally located federal state is still below the federal average. After an intermediate spurt, Hessen lags a little behind the federal government when it comes to vaccination: 57.7 percent of people in Hessen have received a first vaccination against the corona virus according to the latest data. Hessen is now 1.0 point below the federal average. The front runner is Bremen with 67.8 percent of first-time vaccinations – Rhineland-Palatinate comes with 59.6.

Hesse also lags behind the federal mean for the fully vaccinated. Hessen has 42 percent, Rhineland-Palatinate has 42.3 percent. 3.63 million people in Hessen are vaccinated at least once, 2.64 million already have complete vaccination protection.

Resident doctors and staff have so far administered more than 2.01 million vaccinations, as the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians announced. Since the beginning of April, the general practitioners’ practices in Hesse have also been vaccinated against Covid-19, a little later the specialist practices and, on June 7th, the company doctors were added.

Meanwhile, the state is trying not to let the vaccination fatigue that is spreading in other countries arise in Hesse. “Now it is important not to let up: Get vaccinated as soon as you receive a vaccination offer – so that we are also prepared for autumn,” is the appeal of the state government.

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