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Franco-Ontarian teachers vote in favor of a strike mandate

The CSF board of directors voted unanimously in favor of opening a French-language program in Creston.


Speech synthesis, based on artificial intelligence, makes it possible to generate spoken text from written text.

Franco-Ontarian teachers are have a strong strike mandate on Friday, voting 93% in favor of the pressure tactic.

The president of the Association of Franco-Ontarian Teachers (AEFO), Anne Vinet-Roy, said she was very happy of the result of the vote.

In a press release, the president declared that the vote demonstrated beyond any doubt that Franco-Ontarian teachers intend to repel the government's offensives and of the Council of Employer Associations.

The approximately 10,000 teachers and substitute members of the AEFO are seeking to sign a new collective agreement for 17 months now.

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Anne Vinet-Roy, president of the Association of Franco-Ontarian Teachers (Photo d 'archives)

A conciliator was appointed at the end of December by the Ontario government to improve negotiations between the union and the province. The next negotiation sessions will take place on January 31 and February 1 and 2.

In an interview this week, the president of the AEFO, Anne Vinet -Roy, affirmed that a small movement had taken place on both sides of the negotiating table since the appointment of the conciliator.

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We will see next week if this movement- this continues, adds Ms. Vinet-Roy on Friday.

Obtaining a strike mandate does not guarantee that a strike will take place. If the union and the province cannot reach an agreement, the union receives a notice of non-constitution of a commission. A strike is possible 17 days after obtaining this notice.

At the end of classes, Friday, the parents of Pierre-Pierre elementary school Elliott-Trudeau of Toronto offered their support to their children's teachers.

Teachers know what children need and they always fight for better learning conditions and I always support teachers, says Mary Wood .

Frank Waszkun, parent of a student at Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau elementary school, says he supports the teachers.

Having to keep children at home would be a challenge, some parents admit. But support from teachers remains important.

If [teachers] think that their conditions are not good enough to work, they are the ones training the younger generations, why not help them?, underlines Laurent Humeau.

The collective agreements for Franco-Ontarian teachers expired on August 31, 2022.

In a press release, the Minister of #x27;Ontario Education, Stephen Lecce, said he was disappointed that AEFO had refused several times to sign an agreement that provides stability for students and their families.

The Ontario government has already reached agreements including the use of binding arbitration with two teachers unions.

Certain subjects lend themselves well to this type of arbitration, maintains Anne Vinet-Roy. The AEFO will consider this method if it is favorable to the union, she said.

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