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Franck Sylvestre files suit for defamation

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In “The Incredible Secret of Blackbeard”, the artist Franck Sylvestre appears alongside a puppet supposed to be a caricature of himself. (Archive photo)

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The creator of the show The Incredible Secret of Blackbeard, which hit the headlines last year because of its black puppet deemed offensive by some activist organizations, files a lawsuit for infringement to his reputation and freedom of expression.

After a long reflection, Franck Sylvestre decided to sue Alain Babineau, one of the leaders of the Red Coalition, who, according to Mr. Sylvestre, made defamatory remarks about him at the height of the controversy last winter.

A request to initiate proceedings for damages for damage to reputation and freedom of expression was to be presented Wednesday at the Montreal courthouse by his lawyer, Me Guillaume Rousseau, of the firm Municonseil.

His filing was publicized by the organization Droits collectives Québec (DCQ) which, along with the Association des Québécois unis contre le racialisme (AQUR), supports Mr. Sylvestre in his approach to obtain compensation. p>

The latter is demanding $26,600 from Mr. Babineau, a former police officer who today acts as director on racial profiling and public security issues for the Red Coalition, and to whom he had – without success – sent a formal notice in September to demand a public apology.

The request instituting proceedings accuses the defendant in particular of having held aggressive, vindictive, emotional, virulent, vexatious and defamatory remarks against Mr. Sylvestre during a press conference organized jointly with the Association of the Black Community of the West Island, February 24, 2023.

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Mr. Babineau would then have associated the artist with a “racist doll”, with black people who support the ideas of white supremacists, with systemic racism and especially with the dehumanization of black people, claiming that he only contributes to this dehumanization and that he participates in the practice of blackface.

The prosecution further deplores that the defendant wrote on the X network (Twitter, at at the time) that there are unfortunately far too many “sold” items. who only think about their own happiness while trying not to displease their "master", by attaching to his publication a photo of Mr. Sylvestre and his puppet.

The controversy notably led to the cancellation of a performance scheduled for February 27 in Beaconsfield and another, at the beginning of April, at the Festival of children's literature of Montreal, underlines the introductory request for proceedings.

But it also ensured that today, the plaintiff sees his professional career threatened by being unfairly labeled as a “controversial” artist. that broadcasters hesitate to engage for fear of reprisals, it is specified in the document of around ten pages.

Presented since 2010 , the show at the heart of the controversy features a black puppet personifying a Martinican sorcerer supposed to be a caricature of the artist, himself from the small Caribbean island. The character appears in the last minutes of the tale, the lawsuit specifies.

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