Francisco Mora, US ambassador to the OAS: “The Government of Peru is committed to dialogue and a political solution to the crisis”

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The US official also assured that Washington will support the Executive to find a peaceful solution to the political and social conflict that the country is going through

< p>Francisco Mora, US ambassador to the OAS: “The Government of Peru is committed to the day ;logo and a political way out of the crisis”



Francisco Mora, US ambassador to the OAS: “The Government of Peru is committed to dialogue and a political way out of the crisis”

Francisco Mora, US ambassador to the OAS

In the midst of the political crisis that Peru is going through, this Thursday the US ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Francisco Mora, highlighted the efforts of the government of Dina Boluarte > for finding a peaceful way out of the crisis, while at the same time urging the authorities and protesters to avoid further acts of violence in the context of the protests.

During a teleconference from in which Infobae participated, the official maintained thatthe Executive “is committed to dialogue to find a political solution to this crisis.” In this regard, he recalled that last Tuesday the president of Peru presented a proposal to the OAS Permanent Council to bring forward the general elections in her country, as a way to achieve a “peaceful” solution to the serious social crisis and politics unleashed since last December.

“Help Peru direct its destiny through free elections,” requested Boluarte in a virtual intervention before the OAS Permanent Council.

Mora also acknowledged that the United States is concerned about the violence seen during the demonstrations and called for an investigation into the 55 deaths caused by clashes between protesters and security forces.

“The United States is committed to in supporting the Peruvian government, and not only in that dialogue, but to support and make sure that these 55 deaths are investigated, and I believe that the Peruvian government is committed to investigating these deaths, while seeking a political solution to the crisis that does not include violence by neither by the protesters nor by the State”, he pointed out.

Francisco Mora, US ambassador to the OAS: “The Government of Peru is committed to dialogue and a political way out of the crisis”

The US ambassador to the OAS assured that Peruvian President Dina Boluarte is committed to dialogue to reach a peaceful solution to the crisis in Peru (REUTERS/Angela Ponce)

Consulted on recent statements by Colombian President Gustavo Petro, who invited the United States to “help open a political dialogue table to help Peruvian society to a democratic transition in Peru”, the North American ambassador ruled out that possibility: “The United States is not going to have a role in creating a table for conversation, that roundtable already exists in Peru.”

He stressed, however, that the OAS “is in a position to support this process” and advanced that The agency will maintain its interest in helping to stabilize the political situation in Peru.

During the conference, Mora emphasized the need to fight for the respect of democracy and human rights in the region. As he indicated, for the Biden government these are two priority issues, “at a time when democracy is under attack”.

In this sense, and when consulted by the recent CELAC summit held in Buenos Aires, he highlighted the structure of the OAS, considering it the only multilateral organization within the Western Hemisphere “where the democratically elected countries have representatives and where everyone is committed to defending democracy and human rights.”

“At a time when we see the erosion of democracy in the region, and violations of human rights in many countries, the OAS it is now more important than ever,” he added.

At this moment, the dictatorships of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua do not have representation in the international body.< /p>

In the case of Venezuela, Mora commented that the negotiations begun in Mexico between the Nicolás Maduro regime and the opposition gathered in the Unitary Platform, have as their objective the restoration of democracy and the rule of law through free elections, fair and verified in 2024. He assured that if this ends up concretizing, “the next government can return with a representative to the Permanent Council”.

Francisco Mora, US ambassador to the OAS: “The Government of Peru is committed to dialogue and a political way out of the crisis”

The dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua do not currently have a presence in the OAS (REUTERS/Norlys Perez)

Until the beginning of this year, Venezuela's seat at the OAS was occupied by Gustavo Tarre, ambassador for the interim government of Juan Guaidó, who was recognized by the organization as interim president of Venezuela. Tarre ceased his functions after the National Assembly decided to remove Guaidó as interim president.

Regarding Nicaragua, Mora stated that the dictator Daniel Ortega decided to withdraw the country from the OAS “because he did not want to withstand the pressure or the efforts of the OAS and the Human Rights Commission.” He clarified that both the OAS and the United States “would be willing to have talks as long as Nicaragua is serious about having an open, honest dialogue on the issue of democracy and human rights.”

The US ambassador regretted, however, that the Sandinista regime “has no desire to enter into talks not only with the OAS, but also with its own people”.

“Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela legally have a presence in the OAS, but at this moment those seats are vacant. It seems to us that there is an obligation that if we are going to be consistent, if we are going to commit ourselves to the OAS Charter, to the Inter-American Charter, if that is the reality and it is the commitment we have, countries where these types of regimes exist will not they must have a presence, if we are going to be consistent”, he argued.

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