France-Slovenia: The Blues fail in the tie break and miss the bronze…the match to relive live

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VOLLEYBALL The French team lost in the match for 3rd place in the European Championship against Slovenia in five sets

France-Slovenia: The Blues fail in the tie break and miss the bronze...the match to relive live

We no longer believed it! And yet, Ngapeth restarts the blue machine for bronze. — ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP Update Show only highlights

FRANCE – SLOVENIA 22-25, 16-25, 25-22, 35-18, 11- 15

The Blues failed; in the match for third place against Slovenia, led by a huge Mozic, author of 26 points. 

The awakening of Ngapeth and the decisive entry of PAtry nevertheless revived the game. the tricolor flame after a nightmarish start.

Gianni's French team, reigning Olympic champion, will arrive at Paris without a big mattress of confidence.

7:55 p.m.: Finito on this last muddled defense, it was well worth the trouble to go to all this trouble to end up in a carafe. France leaves without a medal from this Euro and confirms that it is in the tough going. less than a year from the Olympics…but with a Ngapeth at agrave; 100% and the public at agrave; Basically, that will be another story. Kisses everyone, I'll see you in an hour for Ireland-Tonga, at right away

7:54 p.m.: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 7:53 p.m.: The big guns of Le Goff who offer us a reprieve. 11-13 7:52 p.m.: AND THE BAND IS SLOVENIAN IT'S NOT POSSIBLE 7:51 p.m.: 12-8, it's the berezina…Tillie who carried us for a long time; is about to explode 7:49 p.m.: Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this balloon that we don't bring back in a hurry…and this devil Mozic who is going to send a bazooka to the service. 8-10 7:47 p.m.: YESIIIIII THE CHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTE

Monstrous defense from Grabennikov behind it is panic at home. edge but the Slovenian attack takes the edge. What if this was the turning point of this last set? 8-9


HE'S doing a John Isner on this mental patient ward. 9-6 Slovenia, I start to worry a little

7:42 p.m.: The first break for Slovenia, Ngapeth begins to play. To be dangerously targeted, we should think about change option Antoine…4-6 7:40 p.m.: Pfiouuuu Earvin who stays in the air for the duration of a Paris-New-York to plant this full-axis attack. 3-4, we squeeze our butts anyway 7:37 p.m.: Two well-contested points to start this last set. One that falls on each side, but it becomes a sacred one. volleyball match 7:32 p.m.: YES GENTLEMEN. YES YES YES

Last Tomahawk of Ngapeth from the highway ramp. We will be entitled to a decisive tie-break for bronze. GO


Anyway, this pun works a lot better with PAtry. Eight set points down, Slovenia gave up. the deal on this set

7:27 p.m.: No need to bother, just give the ball to someone else. Patry which turns to; 70% success on this 4th set. The Slovenes are losing their footing. 20-14 7:24 p.m.: THIS IS MY FRANCE TEAM!!!!

Defense of peshmerga and a delicious little presentation from Earvin to put the lid on. 17-12, we are in the process of (re)doing them again; the other side


The savior of La Patry in action. Great look on the Slovenian libero who explodes at full speed. the impact. 14-11

7:18 p.m.: We find more solutions in attack with Patry who gradually gains volume; measure of the match. But there is nothing done, really, as long as MOzic evolves at a high level. th level. 10-10 7:14 p.m.: Nine blocks away two for Slovenia, I know there is a difference in sizes but still, the stats hurt. 7-7 7:12 p.m.: Yum this little counter from Le Goff on the Slovenian pointy who hooks a little piece of line. Unbreathable start to the 4th set, we would be well inspired not to take a burst from Mozic. 4-4 7:01 p.m.: ALLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ

The Blues give themselves a chance to believe in it a little longer thanks to the awakening of Ngapeth, author of 11 points despite some difficulty in reception. WE BELIEVE IT

6:59 p.m.: FOUR BALLS IN A SET 6:57 p.m.: The Goff who pounds in the center. I don't know if there will be a comeback, but this third set should not escape us. 22-19 6:55 p.m.: YES EARVINNNNNNNN!!!!

Patator at service, finally!!!! We make a small hole. 19-16. SO MAYBE???

6:53 p.m.: Quite incredible the story of the smuggler from Slovenia who was on vacation and who was caught. reminder yesterday by the coach because the holder was injured. in the semi-final…Yet he doesn't seem to be doing well physically 6:50 p.m.: There's some good news, we're finding more solutions in attack and the Slovenes are dropping one or two points. It can still turn 14-13 6:46 p.m.: 78th consecutive attack from Mozic. You put one blocker, two blockers, three blockers, it's the same. I am in despair. 11-11 6:43 p.m.: Ngapeth targeted twice in a row on serve and the gap has already increased. molten. 127 km/h çit goes faster than a second from Hugo Gaston. 8-7 Slovenia 6:41 p.m.: Good third, a little better fitted. +3, biggest gap in our favor since this purge started 6:20 p.m.: TWO RUNS TO NOTHING SLOVENIA.

This meeting was an ordeal. Total feeling of helplessness for the French, 25-16. We're really going to have to take a break. Djokovic to change something, otherwise it's over in half an hour.

6:26 p.m.: Ngapeth who comes to grab a YouTube point but that will not console us for this non-match (for the moment). 2-22 6:23 p.m.: Ok so here we go. çit becomes cataclysmic. 20-13, the impression of playing the dream team of 92 in basketball 6:21 p.m.: Gianni launches Jean Patry and Benjamin Toniutti into the battle to try to reverse the balance of power a little. Give us a Stalingrad guys 6:16 p.m.: A statistic to sum up my distress. 59% success in attack for Slovenia, 41% for our Blues…and the hole is widening. 11-15 6:14 p.m.: WE WILL STOP SERVICES IN THE NET YES OR M….? 6:12 p.m.: Tozic is the Doncic of cycling or What ???? He hits us with mutant smashes, it's as if the counter didn't exist. +2 for Slovenia 6:09 p.m.: The volleyball that we love on the last point, with 3 or 4 attacks on each side; which are brought back. It must be said that there is not one who was frank, we get by with each other. the snatch. 8-8 6:05 p.m.: FINALLY A HOUSE BLOCK

The most improbable of all, with Earvin all alone countering with his left arm almost without intention. I hope it's going to catch on because we're getting pierced at the net…6-6

5:59 p.m.: FIRST SET SLOVENIA. 25-22

I thought it was going to come back but… forced to play a lagging set…The Slovenians read us too easily in attack despite their advantage. the good match of Tillie and Boyer (14 points between them, but barely 55% success, which means the ball comes back every other time…)

5:56 p.m. : WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ACHIEVEMENT??? Get rid of this aerial camera, we don't understand anything. And we lose the point. 5:55 p.m.: OH YES BOYER TWO RANK ACES 21-22 5:53 p.m.: Tillie continues to win but it becomes laughable we only play on him, there is the whole Slovenian mountain ;ne who has time to move in front to try the winning counter…20-22, that's not all there is to it. done for this set 5:49 p.m.: Another attack in the setting of our sharp Chinenyeze, yet the most regular since the start of this Euro. 5-9 p.m. 5:46 p.m.: We're getting screwed in the block çit annoys me slightly you see. 4-0 in this area if I believe the fédé's lousy center match. international. 19-15, çthis first set doesn't smell good 5:43 p.m.: OH YES GREBENNIKOV THE RESCUE FROM THE PARKING

And Tillie who goes to look for the top of her hands behind (I love doing style, I know something about it even though I don't at all). But as I write this post Ngapeth sends a sausage two meters behind. 13-16

5:41 p.m.: Nice passage from Tillie, which is still quite a performance. player when he is fit to play; 100%, which is too rare. Already three winning attacks, but we are trailing a little behind 12-14 5:38 p.m.: Impressive the Slovenian striker who changes arms at the last moment. because of a lousy pass and who still manages to win. Avoid the block. But the Blues are finally getting on with it. 10-11 5:35 p.m.: Well, this story doesn't start well at all. We get eaten up on every attack, and we don't bring back much in defense. 8-4 for the Slovenes 5:30 p.m.: Come on, we're gone!!! And to give ourselves good vibes by remembering the qualifying tournament for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. The BLeus were down two sets at the start. nothing, and there, the miracle

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5:26 p.m.: Hello, we’re right on time for the anthems. Less atmosphere than Thursday evening obviously, but a beautiful Slovenian kop, we're going to play again. outside 4:33 p.m.: HELLO VOLLEYBALLS AND VOLLEYBALLS

They dreamed of a second European coronation, they will have to be content with the bronze medal at best: for the French volleyball players, finishing on the podium on Saturday this Euro-2023 prepared by the French team. in particular circumstances would still resemble a small victory. They will have to beat Slovenia on Saturday to approach the Olympics with a little more confidence, after a year of mixed results (9th in the Euro, 5th in the World Cup. “ This “The match for third place for me is very important. There will of course be the huge disappointment of Italy’s defeat in our minds, but we have to use what “He came in this match to beat Slovenia,” insisted Andrea Giani, the Italian coach of the Blues, three days after the semi-final lost against Italy.

>> Meet at 5:30 p.m. in Bari