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FPV drones will soon be a thing of the past — the French general talked about new technologies

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

FPV drones will soon be a thing of the past — the French general spoke about new technologies

FPV drones today destroy about 80% of enemy equipment on the front line in Ukraine. On the other hand — they are quite vulnerable, they can be disabled by EW devices.

Chief of Staff of the French Army, General Pierre Schille, stated this at the Eurosatory defense exhibition in Paris, writes Defense News.

Small drones will remain in service for another year or two

According to the general, the small drones used by Ukraine will soon lose their value. And he gave an example of the Bayraktar drone, which was actively used in Ukraine at the beginning of the war. Now, Schill says, “Bayraktar” is easy to destroy, that's why Ukrainian defenders don't use this type of drones.  

“At the same time, anti-drone systems lag behind and leave the sky open. Already today, 75% of drones on the battlefield in Ukraine were lost as a result of the use of electronic warfare equipment”, — noted the general noted.

At this year's exhibition of military equipment Eurosatory, dozens of systems for combating drones were presented — rockets, guns. And European companies Safran, Thales and Hensoldt showed new EW systems for combating drones.  

These electronic warfare complexes will be in service in France in two years, said the chief of staff of the French army.< /p>

Natasha Kumar

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