Four exalted Malaga charges arrested for share purchase operations to perpetuate Al-Thani

Four exalted Malaga charges arrested for share purchase operations to perpetuate Al-Thani

They are accused of crimes of unfair administration, misappropriation and money laundering. Sources close to the case explain that what happened at the club is “shameful” because “many people have stolen”

Four exalted Malaga charges arrested for share purchase operations to perpetuate Al-Thani

Eight months after the National Police broke into the Málaga CF offices at the La Rosaleda stadium, the open investigation into the management of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani begins to take place. Four senior managers of the Malaguista entity have been arrested for crimes of unfair administration, misappropriation and money laundering related to alleged irregularities in the acquisition of club shares that those responsible for the case reflected in a report advanced by EL MUNDO last month of March.

The investigation that gravitates around Al Thani started after the head of the Court of Instruction number 14 of Malaga admitted a complaint from the Association of Small Shareholders (APA), to which the City Council joined, after detecting that the Qatari investor and his children had allegedly received 4.5 million euros from the entity in loans and credits.

Apart from this supposed decapitalization of the sports society, the police investigation highlighted the alleged movements of the sheikh to continue being the club's largest shareholder and circumvent the consequences of the sentence of the Court of First Instance number 12 of Malaga that forced him to deliver 49 percent of its shares to the Blue Bay group.

With the support of small shareholders, this hotel holding company could take over the management of the club and remove the Al Thani. However, as described in the report shelled by this newspaper, they supposedly took advantage of the investigation period of the case and the subsequent sentence, to carry out several operations to acquire new titles. For example, 4,474 shares owned by former Malaguista president Fernando Puche were seized when they were seized by the Tax Agency and put up for auction. An operation that had a cost of more than 100,000 euros that “again meant an outflow of funds from Málaga CF”

All of these underground purchases ultimately allowed the Al Thani to remain the top shareholders with 50.33 percent of the club's stakes. A maneuver whose effect did not last long, since the judge, following the advice of the investigators, who warned of the existing “financial risk”, appointed a judicial administrator who currently leads the team, immersed in an ERE that affects the workforce.

Police work in this line has triggered the arrest of four former managers of the Blue and White team who were active when these operations took place. As this newspaper has learned, they are the former Executive Vice President, Moayad Shatat; the former deputy director general, Manuel Novo; the former head of the Legal Department, Joaquín Jofre; and the former responsible for the Finance Department, Roberto Cano.

The arrests were consummated this Thursday, after the directors have gone several times to the police stations to be questioned by the agents. They were released until they testified before the judge next week.

The aforementioned sources have stated that “Málaga CF has robbed many people” and that what happened is “shameful”, that is why the investigations continue and it is not ruled out that new arrests may be made as the investigations reveal new lines of work.

Fraudulent car sales and overspending

The Provincial Police Station of Malaga has specified that, during the course of the investigation, it was also detected that some of those investigated were related to the alleged fraudulent sale of a dozen vehicles owned by the entity that, after their acquisition by

Companies linked to the then Executive Vice President were repurchased -seven of them- by Málaga CF. This was an obvious financial loss for the entity.

Previously, the investigations had already revealed provisions of the club's funds by the members of the Board of Directors, continuously over time, used for multiple purposes that would serve the interests of the former president's family or that of their companies, and in no case to the interests of the entity. Such provisions were documented in loans that add credits held by the sports society.

In addition, “transfers or payments on behalf of members of the former president's family of all kinds of private expenses with club money were detected.” Irregular payments related to expenses and home renovations, courier services, dry cleaning, hotel accommodation, health insurance premiums, personal travel, mobile phone recharging, furniture, credit card payments, animal feed, vehicle expenses have been observed. individuals in repair, gasoline, fines, among other concepts.

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