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Founder of Nationalist Party of Canada found guilty of harassment criminal

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The leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party, Travis Patron. (Archive photo)


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The founder of the Nationalist Party of Canada, Travis Patron, was found guilty of harassment criminal.

Travis Patron was accused of harassing a man and his girlfriend at Midtown Mall in Saskatoon last July. He then posed as a police officer.

Prosecutor Lana Morelli indicated that the first interaction between Travis Patron and the two other people were cordial.

In the second interaction, he began asking questions about their culture and background, then asked the man why he was with a Canadian woman when he was not born in Canada. /p>

Travis Patron attempted to justify his behavior on national security grounds, but this argument was quickly rejected by the jury. Lana Morelli said Travis Patron's explanations made no sense.

It is not a matter of national security for two people who do not have the same skin color to walk together, Lana Morelli said. Having a jury of Canadians rule that this behavior is not acceptable demonstrates that our society wants justice to be upheld.

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Travis Patron will return to court on February 2 to hear arguments surrounding his sentence.

The prosecutor will present arguments for him to be sentenced to prison.

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