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Found on the website: a masterpiece of painting by Titian was sold at auction for 22 million dollars

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul5,2024

Known in Zupin: a masterpiece by Titian was sold at auction for 22 million dollars

Dv I'm stealing everything The painting of the Italian master of the Renaissance by Titian Vecellio “On the Road to Egypt”, which was found in a plastic bag on a bus stop in London, was sold at auction for £17.5 ($22.3 miles) she). About this write "Babel".

"On the road to Egypt" put up at Christie's auction in London for £15—25 million ($19—32 million) and bought for £17.5 million ($22.3 million). The highest price in history for the work of this artist is achieved at auction.

The painting depicts Jesus Christ, his mother the Virgin Mary and guardian Joseph, who live in the hour before Egypt How did you find out that Herod , King of Judea, wants to kill the young Christ. Titian created the canvas in 1508, on the beginning of his career.

The painting measuring 46.2 cm by 62.9 cm is important in comparison with Titian’s massive robots, always From now on we become aware of life.< /p>

After the painting passed from hand to hand with aristocrats, it was stolen and taken to Paris during the Napoleonic Wars during the French occupation in 1809.

The canvas was turned until born in 1815, and then again a number of private collections passed, first of all to the fourth English Marquis of the County of Wiltshire, John Alexander Thynne.

In 1995, the canvas was stolen from Thinn's garden & mdash; Longlet. The picture appeared on this day, after which the art detective Charles Hill discovered it on a bus line in London.

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