“Formula-1” will not turn around until Russia. Nikoli

“Formula-1” will not turn around until Russia. Nikoli

Stefano Domenicali's “Formula 1” aligner including Russian Grand Prix rotation.

“Formula 1” will not turn back to Russia. Nicoli

Head of the Royal Races, Stefano Domenicali, announced a possible turnaround of the racing series to Russia. “The pennies [for holding the Grand Prix] were shalen, but the deacons didn’t need to be discussed,” Domenikali German Sport Bild quotes. – I always say: never say “never”. Ale, I can tell you in any occasion – we don’t know about daily negotiations with them. There will be no more transfers from Russia.”

Forward about the management stage The Grand Prix of Russia has become birch on the cob. The American leaders of the championship with Liberty Media terminated the contract with the Russian promoter. Cancellation of the contract will be repaid until 2025, moreover, during the next three years, they will be able to pass on the new Igora Drive highway near St. Petersburg. In other words, having lost the primary chance to turn Formula 1 until Russia after 2025, the time of re-arrangement of the contract, and Stefano Domenicali, a steward of the Royal Ferries, put a spot on that food.

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Formula 1 races have been held in Russia since 2014. After the full-scale invasion of Russia into the territory of Ukraine, a number of functionaries and racers announced that they would not go to Russia, and in spring the ferry to Sochi was closed. Russian Mikita Mazepin, who competed in Formula 1, appeared to be “talked about” – the American team Haas canceled his contract on the 5th day of the week, a few days before the start of the season.