Former Uruguayan Vice President Danilo Astori resigned from his Senate seat

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It would be due to health problems. Since he took office, he has been summoned to 120 sessions and only attended three

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Former Uruguayan vice-president Danilo Astori resigned from his Senate seat

Since he took office as senator, he has been summoned to 120 sessions, but he only attended three (EFE/Federico Anfitti/Archivo)

Former Uruguayan Vice President and two-time Economy Minister, Danilo Astori , resigned from the Senate this Tuesday. The decision comes after not having attended the Upper House since the start of the pandemic due to health problems.

“I do it with a lot of pain,” Astori said in his resignation letter – read in the room – and added: “But that pain will not lead me to stop being a political actor.” The Senate, for its part, voted and accepted the resignation.

According to El Observador, since he took office as senator he was summoned to 120 sessions and only attended three: on the day of his inauguration -March 3, 2020-, on the 10th and 17th of the same month.

Astori based his decision in a respiratory infection that he contracted in 2020 and that he has not yet been able to overcome. “I have suffered a very complex respiratory infection that I contracted in mid-2020 and that caused a significant decrease in my physical capacity, in addition to the need to undergo complicated treatments to which I have had to dedicate a lot of time and effort,” explained the senator. . During the time he was absent, he was replaced by José Carlos Mahía , who, after the resignation of the former vice president, will remain as incumbent.

“Aware of having been elected to the position, I have been dedicating a lot of time and energy to overcome the aforementioned limitations and I continue to do so today. I have professional assistance that guides me in this task. Although I have slowly made progress, it is not possible for me to assure when I could reach the levels of recovery required by working on a Senate bench,” the Frente Amplio senator said in the letter.

Astori was Uruguayan Vice President between 2010 and 2015, accompanying the formula led by José Mujica. In addition, he held the post of Minister of Economy for two periods: 2005-2008 and 2015-2020, both presidencies of Tabaré Vázquez. He currently leads the sector called the Uruguayan Assembly of the Broad Front

Senator for the National Party, Graciela Bianchi, criticized Astori's absence in the Senate months ago: “I have a contest with who was in other times a person of greater confidence for me in the Broad Front (FA), Danilo Astori, that I cannot understand why he did not resign once and for all”. “He continues to collect his salary, the games, we pay the substitute, and today we pay the substitute's substitute,” added Bianchi.

Both figures from the FA and from the ruling party recognized his career and influence in Uruguayan politics. Meanwhile, the newspaper reported that the FA intends to organize a formal tribute to him, either in the plenary itself or in the General Assembly.

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