Former Navy officers reject expressions of Aníbal Torres

Former Navy officers reject expressions of Aníbal Torres

The Prime Minister praised the peasant patrols and minimized the military.

Former Navy officers reject expressions of Aníbal Torres

Retired Vice Admirals ask Torres to leave the PCM. (Photo: PCM)

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A group of retired vice admirals rejected the expressions of the head of the Ministerial Cabinet, Aníbal Torres, who had highlighted the work of the peasant patrols over the work of the Armed Forces (Armed Forces) and the Police National.

Through a statement, the former senior Navy officers indicated that the Torres' statements “have called into question the capacity and dedication of the men and women” of the Armed Forces. and the police, whose members “they have defended with honor and integrity” the country “throughout its history”, particularly in the most recent decades in the face of terrorist violence.

The signatories –among them congressmen Jorge Montoya and José Cueto (Popular Renovation) and former Defense Minister Jorge Moscoso– also considered the apologies offered by the prime minister “insufficient” and requested his immediate removal from office.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister José Luis Gavidia said that the Armed Forces. They have considered the matter over with the head of the Cabinet.

“No, not at all [there is a resentment], this has been completely overcome. After the pandemic comes a food crisis as a result of the war between Ukraine and Russia, the only thing that can get us out of this situation is unity,” he told RPP Noticias on Sunday.