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Former Liberal minister Carolyn Bennett to be appointed ambassador to Denmark

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Carolyn Bennett announced her departure from the federal political scene last December. She was an MP in the Toronto region for 26 years.

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The Trudeau government will appoint its former minister Carolyn Bennett ambassador to Denmark, Radio-Canada has learned. The elected official announced her departure in December after 26 years as an MP. She is not the first Liberal minister to be appointed to an important diplomatic post.

The Trudeau government should soon announce that it is offering a prestigious exit route into the diplomatic world for this experienced minister. Carolyn Bennett announced last December that she would be leaving her position as MP for Toronto–St. Paul's. Ms. Bennett was kicked out of Cabinet last summer after announcing she would not seek re-election.

This is not the first time that the Trudeau government has offered important diplomatic positions to outgoing ministers. Ralph Goodale was appointed Canada's high commissioner to the United Kingdom after his election defeat in 2019.

Former Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion was appointed Canadian ambassador to Germany in 2017 and to France in 2022.

Former Immigration Minister John McCallum was appointed ambassador to China in 2017 before being fired.

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Former MP and Liberal minister Alfonso Gagliano was also appointed by the Liberal government of Jean Chrétien to the post of Canadian ambassador to Denmark in 2002. However, he was dismissed from his position as ambassador in February 2004 by the prime minister Paul Martin due to speculation about his active participation in the sponsorship scandal while he was Minister of Public Works. A Member of Parliament from 1984 to 2002, Mr. Gagliano died at the age of 78 in December 2020.

Under the Trudeau government, Carolyn Bennett served as Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Crown-Indigenous Relations, and Mental Health and Addictions.

When Ms. Bennett's departure was announced, the Prime Minister said he had a heavy heart and thanked her for making him a better feminist.

Family physician, Carolyn Bennett was first elected in 1997.

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