Former chief of arrests of CTI in Medellín says that the JEP does not want to receive his information on Operation Orión

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Rosa Elsy Arango, convicted of destroying public documents, says she is writing a book about paramilitarism in Medellín and that the jurisdiction has ignored her for three years

Former chief of arrests of CTI in Medellín says that the JEP does not want to receive his information on Operation Orión

Rosa Elsy Arango worked at the CTI between 1997 and 2005.

Rosa Elsy Arango, head of arrests for the Medellín regional office of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Attorney General's Office between 1997 and 2005, assured that she has sensitive information about the financing of paramilitarism in the city and about the episode of Operation Orion, a counter-guerrilla operation that took place in October 2002 and in which there was the presence of paramilitaries and civilian casualties not related to urban militias.

However, according to an interview that Arango gave this Wednesday, November 9 to W Radio, the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) has not received his testimony, which would allegedly involve executives of the Antioquia Business Group (GEA).

Arango is serving a sentence of eight years in prison for the crime of destruction of public documents. In principle, she was granted the benefit of house arrest because she is the head of the family. Later, she received permission to work from her home. Later, in September 2019, her criminal proceedings were brought to the attention of the JEP in exchange for this information. However, since then they have not accepted his submission nor have they received his version of the events.

According to a document from the same JEP, Arango's requests for parole and release have been rejected. permission to work in the city of Pereira. Among the reasons put forward by this peace jurisdiction, this is due to therude behavior that would have been shown to the officials of the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (Inpec) who must maintain and monitor the tracking bracelet for those who are detained in this modality. However, she believes that the JEP would reconsider these decisions if they heard her testimony.

In the interview this Wednesday, she assured that among these paramilitary financiers there are people linked to this important business conglomerate, owner of Grupo Argos, Grupo Sura and Grupo Nutresa, as well as politicians who have belonged to the Senate of the Republic.

He is a high profile, very high, with influence, you know he is the GEA, that's where the profile of these people goes, that's as far as it goes, (…) the evolution is historic because in the economic actors there is the front and the underground economy, that is an issue that we work so hard on that the main prosecutor who had the case is exiled,” said the former arrest chief in the interview.

In addition, she suggested that the entity for which she worked, the Attorney General's Office, has had strong influence of paramilitary groups in its 31 years of existence. At the time of her, according to her, there were investigations on money laundering. However, the files in this regard have been destroyed or disappeared. In the case of Operation Orion, she assured that she has in her possession useful information to clarify the facts and advance the search for the disappeared.

The former official said that she is willing to reveal everything she knows before the magistrates in exchange for security, since “if I say everything I know in a public medium, tomorrow I won't wake up alive. That would be irresponsible towards my family.” Of course, so much time has passed that she is carrying out her own research to write and publish a book about what she knows.