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Former chief designer of the most famous Apple gadgets Jony Ive told which of them is his favorite

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

The ex-chief designer of Apple's most famous gadgets Jony Ive told which of them is his favorite

The former chief designer of Apple told which device, in his opinion, is the best for writing Business Insider. Here's the details.

What happened

Former Apple chief designer Jony Ive shared on the Life in Seven Songs podcast which gadget he considers his favorite. It says it's the Apple Watch.

It's worth noting that Ive was involved in the creation of such well-known products as the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Three years after the death of Steve Jobs, the company introduced the Apple Watch, which was the first wearable device and a significant achievement since the iPad.

«I am proud of what we have done with the Apple Watch since death of Steve Jobs», — said Jony Ive.

According to him, «Apple products first lay on your desk, then ended up in your bag and pockets, and now it’s on your wrist’ ». Apple Watch has become an important product for the company, it brought Apple more than $7.9 billion in the first quarter of 2024 alone.

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