Former British Prime Minister believes in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Former British Prime Minister believes in APU

Boris Johnson expressed his firm belief that the war in Ukraine with the complete liberation of its territories may be completed in 2023, and this is the best option not only for Ukraine and the West, but also for the Russians.

"We must make sure that our Ukrainian friends get what they need to expel the Russians from all over Ukraine as quickly as possible,” Johnson said during a meeting with reporters at the Ukraine House in Washington, adding that assistance should go without delay, Ukrinform reports.

He expressed the belief that the liberation of Ukrainian territories “could happen this year 2023”, and this is the best option not only for Ukraine.

“I think this is better for the West, but also for Russia”, – said the ex-premier.

He stressed that with the “catastrophe” that Putin committed, well we need to end it as soon as possible.

"What the Ukrainians are doing – and I've seen it firsthand several times – this is a fight on behalf of all (us), they are fighting for freedom around the world, they are fighting for people in Georgia and Moldova, in the Baltic countries and Poland – wherever there is a risk of Russian revanchism or a desire to build the old Soviet empire”, – Johnson emphasized.

Therefore, the ex-head of the British government continued, it remains an ardent supporter of Ukraine.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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