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“Forget”: a Ukrainian rapper named Khas was accused of plagiarism

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

“Forget it”: Ukrainian rapper named Khas was accused of plagiarism

HAS/Press Service

Ukrainian rapper HAS recently presented a new track “Forget”. There were comments on the TikTok network that the musician allegedly stole or plagiarized the track of the band Rizups.

Actually, listeners did not follow the connection that Nazar Hassan (real name of the artist) is the author of the track and was a member of this band, which is no longer active.

According to the artist, the track with the same name “Forget” was written 10 years ago, when he was a member of the Rizups band.

Back then, music was still on CDs, and music platforms weren't as popular as they are now. Today, this is the reincarnation of a song that, in my opinion, was undeservedly neglected at the time. Only the chorus and a few words of the verse remained from the previous one, – comments HAS.

“Forget” tells about how toxic relationships affect a person.

When you feel that the spring between you and another person is becoming more and more stretched and less stable, it is a feeling that you are on the edge, and eventually this spring may break. Unfortunately, this often becomes obvious only when you understand that you can replace anyone, even yourself, – describes the treble performer.

HAS also presented the video work of the same name “Forget” and shared the details of the filming, talking about hidden special meanings. According to the artist, he was inspired by the location itself for the idea of ​​the clip, which was filmed for the apartment by director and cameraman Andriy Brunov on the eve of the start of work.

When I found out which apartment Andriy rented, I went there because I was curious. For many, it is quite strange and funny, and now it is called “design in the style of Pshonka”. I decided to find out more and discovered that there was a man who painted churches. I was very interested in this topic, so I began to look for the contents of these paintings on the ceiling. There were not so many religious paintings in the apartment, rather they were in the style of the Renaissance – the period of “revival”, which was so lacking, – says the artist about the creation of the clip.

The plots of the paintings on location reminded HAS of Goethe's philosophical tragedy. Faust”, so the singer decided to embody certain images in his new clip: mannequins are a symbol of soullessness and coldness in relationships. The paint on them is a sign that they were alive. Water is the hope to wash off all this! Both good and bad. To live on.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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