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Forest consultation: unions fear workers will be forgotten

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The four union centers to speak represent hundreds of forestry workers.

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Four major union centers fear that Quebec forestry workers will be left behind in the vast consultation process on the future of forestry which is to take place this winter.

These discussion tables, which are organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests, will take place in the forest regions of Quebec.

The Unifor union, the Steelworkers, the Central Democratic Unions (CSD) and the Federation of Manufacturing Industry unite their voices to denounce the themes that will be discussed at these meetings. Above all, they deplore the fact that labor concerns are not on the agenda. This is currently absent from the consultation plan, confirms Luc Vachon, president of the CSD.

The unions are directly asking the minister responsible to review the subjects on the agenda of this consultation to further include workers.

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Several changes await the forestry industry in the years to come.

They point out that the many changes awaiting the forestry industry will have significant repercussions on the workforce and that this issue cannot be left aside. They refer in particular to climate change, the reduction in forestry potential and the transformation of practices on the ground.

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The four union centers also deplore that the consultations planned for this winter will take place despite the absence of a strategy regarding woodland caribou. They emphasize that it represents an important milestone which could significantly color the positions expressed during the meetings.

There is a desire to consult, but it seems that the strings are not tied up.

A quote from Luc Vachon, president, CSD

The unions will hold a press conference on Tuesday in the Jonquière district to support their point of view.

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