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CN Yh Foreign re-entry | Ten translations to discover - The Times Hub

Foreign re-entry | Ten translations to discover

Foreign re-entry |  Ten translations to discover

Here is a selection of ten titles translated into French among the most promising of this winter 2021 school year.

The Villains, of Camila Sosa Villada

In Argentina, the name of Camila Sosa Villada is known. Author of five novels, this actress and singer has had a busy life. She was a prostitute, a maid, a street vendor. This experience tints his novels, which are known to ring true. In The ugly ones, her first book, she tells the story of the adoption of a baby by a community of trans people. A novel with fantastic accents (we’re in South America, after all) that we can’t wait to discover.

Translated from the Spanish (Argentina) by Laura Alcoba
February Métailie

Heritage, by Dani Shapiro

By submitting to a DNA test, the American novelist Dani Shapiro had no idea what she would discover, namely that she was not her father’s daughter and, therefore, that she was not was not of Jewish ancestry. Indeed, the man she believed to be her father, Paul Shapiro, was the mainstay of New York’s Orthodox Jewish community. She tells the story of this discovery and her quest to better understand the secret surrounding her birth in a very sensitive text that will be adapted for cinema soon.

Translated from English (United States) by Clotilde Meyer
the arenas

Our secrets too well kept, of Lara prescott

For this novel, Lara Prescott was inspired by real events. At the beginning of the XXe century, the CIA attempted to bring Boris Pasternak’s famous novel to the East, Doctor Zhivago. Beyond the love story, Pasternak’s book was also a critique of the October Revolution, and the CIA hoped it would have an impact on mentalities. A thrilling spy story at the center of which women play a crucial role.

Translated from English (United States) by Christel Gaillard-Paris
Robert Laffont

The hummingbird, of Sandro veronesi

His novel Calm chaos made it known all over the world. His subsequent books may have been less noticed, but he won the equivalent of the Italian Goncourt with this one in 2019. The hummingbird, this is the story of Marco, an ophthalmologist from Florence whose life is slowly crumbling. But whoever treats the eyes of others would benefit from opening his own. A novel on the human condition hailed by critics, and that we can not wait to discover.

Translated from Italian by Dominique Vittoz

A brief moment of splendor, by Ocean Vuong

Ocean Vuong was already a recognized poet (some compare him to Emily Dickinson) when he published his first novel, which was unanimously acclaimed by critics in the United States. Grandson of a Vietnamese woman and an American soldier, Vuong imagined her novel as a letter to her mother (a letter she cannot read because she is illiterate). In this magnificent text, Vuong looks back on the history of his family in Vietnam, the war, his homosexuality, his difficult integration into the United States and his redemption through writing. Great art.

Translated from English (United States) by Marguerite Capelle

The White Darkness, of David Grann

In 2018, journalist David Grann published in the magazine Tea New Yorker a very long and magnificent report on the British explorer Henry Worsley. This British officer is obsessed with explorer Ernest Shackleton and dreams of going to Antarctica like him. He will go with two other people in 2008, then alone in 2015, when he is 55 years old. A suffering expedition that will end badly. Grann, who is an excellent storyteller, introduces us to this extraordinary man.

Translated from English (United States) by Johan-Frédérik Hel Guedj
Mars basement editions

The Glass Hotel, by Emily St. John Mandel

The author of Eleven Station comes back to us with a mysterious story that takes place in the heart of nature, on Vancouver Island. A billionaire makes a proposal to a young woman who works at her hotel bar. This meeting will turn her life upside down, and not for the better. This novel is said to be inspired by the Madoff affair, this American businessman who is serving a prison sentence after having ruined hundreds of people with a ploy based on a Ponzi scheme. Intriguing.

Translated from English (Canada) by Gérard de Chergé

Queenie, of Candice Carty-Williams

It is said of this novel that it is a cross between Bridget Jones’s Diary and Americanah. Already, it is promising. Queenie is a 25 year old Londoner with British and Jamaican roots. Journalist in a daily newspaper, she is cured of a heartbreak with disappointing relationships. She is also in the midst of the crisis of her twenties, the age when we try to find out who we are. We can bet that the story of Queenie, which received excellent reviews when it was released in English, will one day find its way onto our screens.

Translated from English (United Kingdom) by Christine Barbaste
Calmann-Lévy Mars

26 knots, of Bindu Suresh

It is above all the story of this author that piqued our curiosity: born in Wales to Indian parents, Bindu Suresh has lived in several places in the world, studied journalism at Columbia University, did an internship at The Gazette, studied medicine at McGill University, lived in China to follow her diplomat husband, worked as a doctor in Val-d’Or as well as in the intensive care unit for newborns at Children’s Hospital. As if that weren’t enough, her first novel, released in English in 2019, and set in Montreal, has been hailed as a remarkable literary debut. Ah, and she also has two young children! In short, a gifted person that we can’t wait to discover.

Translated from English (Canada) by Daniel Grenier Marchand de feuilles

Fuzzy memories, of Jim Carrey and Dana Vachon

Autobiographical novel by this great actor that we don’t see often enough, Fuzzy memories tells the story of… Jim Carrey, famous actor who suffers from loneliness. One day, he meets Georgia and hopes, who knows, that this love story will be the right one. In the background, Jim is working on a screenplay with his accomplice Charlie Kaufman. Reality and fiction intersect in this novel written by four hands with the author Dana Vachon that can be read occasionally in Vanity Fair where the New York Times.

Translated from English (United States) by Sabine Porte
April threshold

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