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Foreign interference: investigation will look into on Information Privacy | Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference

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The work of the federal commission on foreign interference will take place in Ottawa. (Archive photo)

The Canadian Press

The federal Commission on Foreign Interference says its first hearings will identify the best ways to make as much information public as possible, even if most of it comes from documents and from classified sources.

In a public notice, the commission of inquiry mentions that this first series of five-day hearings on confidentiality will begin on January 29. It will help prepare the ground for the next public hearings, which will likely take place at the end of March.

The March hearings are expected to consider on allegations of foreign interference in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections. A report on these aspects is expected to be presented on May 3.

After its first report, the commission of inquiry will focus on the political phase, examining the government's ability to detect, prevent and counter foreign interference targeting Canada's democratic processes.

The commission of inquiry has created an email address, conf@pifiepie., which can be used to submit information confidentially.

Public inquiry into foreign interference

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Public inquiry into foreign interference

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It also indicates that people who fear to testify publicly may be permitted to do so in private, while individuals submitting documents may redact irrelevant personal information before the documents are disclosed to others.

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