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Inquiry into foreign interference to begin January 29 | Public inquiry into foreign interference

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Judge Marie-Josée Hogue was chosen to chair the commission of inquiry.


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This is the January 29, in Ottawa, as the five days of preliminary hearings of the commission of inquiry into foreign interference in Canadian affairs begin. The office of Judge Marie-Josée Hogue, responsible for leading the investigation, confirmed this on Friday.

This first step aims to determine the best way to make as much information public as possible during the hearings and in the reports that the commission will produce, considering that a large part of this information comes from classified sources.

These hearings are qualified as preliminary insofar as they will prepare for the next public hearings during which the Commission will examine the substantive issues arising from its mandate, explained Commissioner Hogue in a press release.

As for the second phase, the hearings will take place in September 2024.

The committee also requested the postponement of the deadline for its first report, which was due at the end of February. The new deadline was set for May 3, 2024. The purpose of this postponement is to give meaning and utility to the preliminary hearings and to have more time to maximize the transparency of the commission's work, a said Commissioner Hogue.

Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference

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Public inquiry into foreign interference

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Ensuring that classified information, intelligence and documents can be released to the public is a long and complex process. The commission is committed to organizing public hearings before presenting its first report, she recalled.

The commission does not x27;did not consider it necessary to postpone the deadline for its second report, the publication of which is therefore maintained for the end of 2024.

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