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Deadline of the report of the investigation into interference

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Commissioner Marie-Josée Hogue

The Canadian Press

Commissioner Marie-Josée Hogue requested an extension of nearly two months to submit her first report as part of the federal investigation into foreign interference.

The Minister of Public Safety, Dominic LeBlanc, accepted Judge Hogue's request that the report be submitted no later than May 3, rather than at the end of February as previously planned. .

Minister LeBlanc states in a press release that the opposition parties were also informed of Ms. Hogue's request.

The commissioner requested additional time last week, saying it would give meaning and purpose to preliminary hearings and allow more time to maximize transparency.

She added that ensuring that classified information is put into a form that can be made public is a long and complicated process.

Public inquiry into foreign interference

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Public inquiry into foreign interference

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Commission to begin holding public hearings at the end of next month, to examine attempts at interference by China, Russia and other foreign states, as well as non-state actors, in the recent Canadian elections. p>

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