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Foreign doctors as clinical assistants

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According to Minister Bruce Fitch, the initiative will allow foreign-trained doctors unable to obtain their medical license exercise in New Brunswick to still integrate the health care system.


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New Brunswick has just create a program that will allow internationally trained physicians to enter the province's health care system, but as clinical assistants.

The province to hire up to 24 clinical assistants over the next three years.

Foreign-trained doctors who do not meet the criteria to be doctors in New Brunswick will be able to apply, provincial Health Minister Bruce Fitch said Friday.

Applicants, he said, will work under the direct supervision of a licensed physician.

It is a realistic career choice for doctors who would not otherwise be able to work in the health system, added Dr. Laurie Potter, CEO of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick, at a press conference. /p>LoadingPicketing, “what ossa” gives?

ELSELSE ON INFO: The picketing, “qu’ossa” gives?

They will work on the front line of the health system, she said declared.

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Dr. Laurie Potter, CEO of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick, says the salary for new recruits will be “competitive.”

The tasks of clinical assistants will be to assist surgeons during operations, assess hospitalized patients and care for them in collaboration with a doctor.

They will also be included in a rotation of availability on evenings, weekends and holidays.

Clinical assistants should be hired in all regions of the province and by the two health networks, Vitalité and Horizon, specifies the ministry.

Nor Minister Fitch nor Dr. Potter were able to say Friday what the proposed salary for these clinical assistants would be.

This will be negotiated with the New Brunswick Medical Society, which is the professional order that will represent clinical assistants, according to Dr. Potter. She said it would be a competitive salary.

When asked about the salary, the medical company also had no response Friday, and said the two health networks could say more. None of the networks provided the answer sought.

A new type of job classification and licensing has been created by the Department of Health to allow the hiring of these clinical assistants. Minister Fitch indicated that this initiative is another piece of the puzzle in the province's healthcare improvement project.

He recalled that the provincial government has also created a fast track for internationally trained doctors to obtain a license to practice in New Brunswick. More than a hundred doctors applied to this program in October.

Several immigrants who were trained as doctors in another country, underlined the minister, do not have the time or means to devote many years to redoing their training in Canada, which can take years.

Based on reporting by MiaUrquhart,CBC

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