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Ford Model T, which stood for 74 years, tried to bring it back to life: what happened

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May19,2024

Ford Model T, which was idle for 74 years, tried to bring it back to life: what happened

Ford Model T sat idle for 74 years/screenshot from video

This old Model T may set Motor1's record as the oldest car brought back to life. It hasn't been on the road in at least 74 years and, frankly, looks more like a scrap.

But the old Ford four-cylinder engine is still running under the hood. And the sports YouTube channel Jennings Motor wants to start one.

In the spirit of transparency, this isn't some miracle barn find that starts with fresh fuel and cables. This 1923 Model T has been sitting outside for decades, and its engine is securely locked. The handle in the front refuses to turn, and when changing the oil, water pours from the drain hole. At least there's some grease mixed into the water.

Fortunately, the mechanisms on the Model T are pretty simple. Removing the spark plugs and cylinder head is a simple process that reveals significant rust and corrosion in the first cylinder. Mice were able to crawl through the exhaust pipe into the engine, making a home in the valve mechanism. A little hydrochloric acid cleans everything, and a cocktail of penetrating oil, brake fluid and diesel clears the engine. Other than that, the only parts that need replacing are the spark plugs and the first cylinder valve.

An old Ford Model T tried to start: watch the video

After everything is cleaned and screwed, all that remains is to fill in the fuel and light it. And here the most interesting thing begins: the blowback of the exhaust gases ignites the gasoline, which is injected directly into the engine. For a moment, a fire breaks out in the engine compartment, which is quickly extinguished. No damage occurs and eventually theengine idles relatively smoothly. An impressive feat indeed, considering the engine was water-locked inside.

Once the old engine was up and running, the next step would be to fit the tires and fix the transmission so old “Tin Lizzie” could hit the road on the road Hopefully it will be in one of the next videos and it will be fun to watch.

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