Forbes: Cyprus will buy the “Iron Dome” and can transfer its air defense to Ukraine

Forbes: Cyprus will buy the “Iron Dome” and can transfer its air defense to Ukraine

After Cyprus acquires the Iron Dome missile defense system from Israel, the United States may persuade Nicosia to transfer old Russian air defense systems to Ukraine.

At the moment, Cyprus has an air defense system consisting of Russian-made 9K330 Tor short-range air defense systems and 9K37 Buk medium-range systems, as well as French-made Mistral short-range missiles.

Forbes: Cyprus will buy the Iron Dome and may transfer its air defense to Ukraine

Forbes reports this.

Most likely, Cyprus decided to acquire the Iron Dome because of its effectiveness against combat drones, because a few years ago Turkey deployed combat drones in the territory of the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Earlier, Washington urged Cyprus to transfer to Ukraine the accumulated on the island has an arsenal of Russian-made weapons. The Cypriot authorities agreed to do this if an adequate replacement was purchased.

Despite the fact that the Iron Dome is a short-range missile defense system, its several batteries are capable of providing complete protection for the entire airspace of the island. If used with an advanced active phased array radar (AFAR), then the Iron Dome could replace the Buki and Torahs that Cyprus has.

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As a result, the US could insist that Nicosia hand over old Russian air defense systems to Ukraine to replace the new weapons. According to the journalist, this decision may be beneficial for Cyprus for the following reasons:

  • Washington will be open to the complete lifting of the arms embargo against Cyprus, introduced back in 1987 and partially lifted in 2020.

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    • Potential simplification in buying the Iron Dome from Israel because the US helped develop it, and any sale of the system to a third country “cannot be done without the approval of both developing countries”.
    • Possibility of acquiring American defense systems from the US, including short-range air defenses.
    • American support in the fight against protests against the sale of the Iron Dome by Turkey.