For yaki damage to the waters punish the highest

For yaki damage to the waters punish the highest

The increase in the fine for deeds of pardon on the road may change the vehicle's variability.

For damage to the waters, the highest is punished

Avtodream impose TOP-5 most significant fines for violating traffic rules in Ukraine. As a rule, high fines of tens of thousands of hryvnias in water can be deducted more for repeated damage, but there are also blaming.

We will immediately discuss the nuance that the Bigmir statute has) Automated mova only about the newest fines from the administrative code. Note that in Ukraine there are also fines for driving cars with euro numbers, which are already written in the police code and can cost up to a thousand thousand dollars.

The rating of the most fines for violating traffic rules looks like :

– 17,000 hryvnias – for picking up a car at the alcoholic spa station (+ exemption for 1 ticket); – 20,400 hryvnias – for driving a car after the fact that the court has allowed the water of rights; — 34,000 hryvnias — as if watered by another rock for a kermo at the alcohol camp (+ exemption of rights to 3 years + possible relief of TK); — 40,800 hryvnias — for re-delivery of the car with a car without water supply (+ exemption of rights); – 51,000 hryvnias – as a reward for the fate of the three siv for kermo at the alcoholic sleep station (+ permission for 10 years + possible relief of TK).