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For the first time, scientists have seen the birth of the universe's early galaxies

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May25,2024

Scientists first saw the birth of early galaxies of the universe

Using the space telescope "James Webb" researchers from the University of Copenhagen made a revolutionary discovery while observing the formation of three early galaxies in the Universe. Formed more than 13 billion years ago, these galaxies provide the most important insight into the early universe and are detailed in the journal Science.

A team from the Niels Bohr Institute observed the birth of these galaxies, dated 13.3-13.4 billion years ago. years ago. This discovery marks the first time astronomers have seen galaxies in the formative stage. Previously, the "James Webb" telescope showed early galaxies at later stages of evolution.

Associate Professor Kasper Elm Heinz, who led the study, explains that these galaxies formed about 400-600 million years after the Big Bang, in an era when the energy and light of the first galaxies began to dissipate in the hydrogen gas that filled the early universe.

The research team used the telescope's infrared capabilities to detect the abundance of hydrogen gas that is crucial to the formation of stars and galaxies. This is the most distant observation of such a gas that sheds light on the origin of the universe.

This discovery not only adds an important piece to the puzzle of our cosmic origin, but also opens up new opportunities for studying the formation of the first structures of the universe, the researchers note.


Natasha Kumar

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