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For the first time, a submarine of the US Navy will go on combat duty with an underwater drone on board

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul10,2024

For the first time, a submarine of the US Navy will go on combat duty with an underwater drone on board

The submarine USS Delaware was equipped with TTL&R technology, which provides for the launch and extraction of underwater drones from the torpedo apparatus , such as HII REMUS 600 UUV.

The U.S. Navy has announced the first deployment of a Torpedo Launch and Recovery (TTL&R) unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) aboard an active duty submarine. According to the commander of the submarine forces of the US Navy, Vice Admiral Rob Gauche, operational deployment will begin by the end of 2024 in the European theater of military operations, Naval News reports.

This is the HII REMUS 600 UUV underwater vehicle on board the Virginia-class Delaware American submarine. According to the vice admiral, submarines have already used UUVs in the past, but the new TTL&R (torpedo tube launch and recovery) option will simplify the deployment and retrieval of the systems, increasing the radius of action and maneuverability in underwater space.

Gauchet noted, that this type of UUV was launched from a submarine's torpedo tube in late 2023 and then recovered in the same manner during testing.

“We plan to begin installation in about a month, Delaware will be deployed in about six months, and then — when the boat moves to the European theater — we'll be looking for training opportunities,” — said the commander.

Brief about the HII REMUS 600 device

The HII REMUS 600 underwater drone — is a mid-range vehicle designed to perform a variety of underwater missions, including reconnaissance, data collection and mapping. It has been designed for use in challenging underwater environments and can perform missions for both military and civilian purposes.

The UUV can operate autonomously for up to 24 hours at depths of up to 600 meters, depending on configuration and mission conditions. The REMUS 600 is about 3.25 meters long and weighs about 240 kg, making it relatively compact and mobile for its class.

It is equipped with an inertial navigation system that allows it to precisely follow a given route and return to base Also, this UUV can transmit data through various communication channels, including acoustic communication, radio communication and Wi-Fi, which ensures rapid data transmission and mission control.

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