For spending health resources on luxuries, former SaludCoop inspector must pay more than a billion fines

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The investigation had been archived, but they decided to reopen it and it ended with the fiscal responsibility ruling of Guillermo Grosso

For spending health resources on luxuries, former SaludCoop inspector will have to pay more than a billion fines

Guillermo Grosso, former inspector of Saludcoop

Guillermo Grosso, former inspector of SaludCoop, regained his freedom but received a million-dollar fine for fiscal responsibility for having allocated resources for patient care, cultural events, conferences and vehicle rental armored.

The Comptroller General of the Republic found Guillermo Enrique Grosso Sandoval responsible for authorizing the transfer of parafiscal monies from the EPS in liquidation to cover items unrelated to their destination, when he held the position of special agent inspector

The control entity determined in its fiscal responsibility ruling that the former official must pay a fine of $1,067,516,622, for the serious negligence in which he incurred. In addition, although he is already free after paying most of his sentence, the CGR “will certify a copy of the judgment with fiscal responsibility to the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation and the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, so that the possible commission of conducts can be investigated. with disciplinary and criminal incidence, according to its competence”, assured the institution.

The investigation, which was carried out by the Special Investigations Unit against Corruption, concluded on November 8, indicated that Grosso used resources from the General System of Social Security in Health to cover expenses that were not related to patient care, which led to a patrimonial detriment.

Grosso had been named the second largest EPS controller in the country at that time, after the liquidation ordered by the Superintendence of Health as a result of the corruption scandals committed by Carlos Palacino, its then president.

The comptroller had to assume the task of liquidating the insurer and, in the process, guarantee the care of the more than 4 million patients with the parafiscal resources. But instead of focusing on managing the resources for this need, he ended up devoting them to activities other than providing insurance services and more to entertainment.

The Comptroller's Office pointed out that Grosso's intervention made payments to hold a year-end cultural event, sports Olympics, family day and bowling tournament in 2014. He held a conference called “sowers of hope” in 2015 and contracted the lease of armored vehicles 2013, 2014 and 2015 for management positions.

“The resources of the SGSSS, have a specific destination: to cover the expenses derived from the effective provision of health services of the members of the EPS; however, the controller of the EPS Saludcoop ignored this premise”, said the Comptroller's Office after issuing the fiscal responsibility ruling.

The control entity indicated that this process had been archived by the Fiscal Responsibility Unit, but a month later, by Order No. 0107 of February 2, 2021, the degree of consultation was met and that decision was revoked, which was ruled on November 8 against the former inspector.

Grosso Sandoval also faces an accusation for corruption that the Prosecutor's Office accused him of on May 4, 2022. According to a specialized anti-corruption prosecutor, when he was president of Cafesalud he agreed with the directors of IPS Luis Enrique Flórez Fontalvo and José Luis Mayorca Castilla, between 2015 and 2016, having agreed bribes of 10% of each contract assigned for the comprehensive care of cancer patients in Bogotá, Santander and Cundinamarca.

“The evidence shows account that, for these actions that ended up favoring the contractors, Grosso Sandoval would have received 2,496 million pesos. The payments were allegedly made in cash and through a third-party health service company. Likewise, it was established that he received part of the money after leaving office as president of the liquidated EPS,” said the accusing body.


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