For opposing a bus robbery in Soacha, a young man was shot in the head

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The man, whose identity has not been released, is fighting for his life in a Bogotá clinic. Until now, the authorities have not ruled

For opposing There was a bus robbery in Soacha, a young man was shot in the head

Illustrative stock image. A man fights for his life in Bogotá after being shot in the middle of a robbery on the Soacha-Sibaté road. Photo: Colprensa

A citizen is torn between life and death in a clinic in Bogotá, after being shot to the head by to oppose a robbery in an intermunicipal bus that was traveling from Soacha to Sibaté, in the savannah of the Colombian capital.

The facts, which they showed up on the night of last Wednesday, November 9, on a Velosiba company bus, they were planned synchronously, according to witnesses to the robbery.

“We came < /i>from Soacha to Sibaté in a Velosiba and in the Altico < i>two young men got on and were located in the back of the bus, talking among themselves and talking on their cell phones saying that they were going to Pablo Neruda< i>. In the call, they kind of indicated that they were close because one said that they were already right now”, told one of the victims of the robbery to the local newspaper Periodismo Público.

According to the woman, the third offender boarded the bus at the entrance to the sector known as Ducales, who was in the front of the bus.

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As if everything were perfectly synchronized, when one of the passengers was about to get off the bus, the three criminals got up from their seats and, with knives and firearms, threatened people and forced them to hand over all their belongings. belongings.

“Before reaching Alfagrés, one of those behind pretended to get off, but at that moment the other two stopped, took out knives and a firearm, and threatened us all. They told us to give them everything or else they would kill us; There were about 7 of us and we had to give them everything”, recalled the victim of the robbery in his dialogue with the same local media outlet.

What the robbers did not have thieves would be that one of the passengers would oppose the robbery. According to the witness, one of the young men who was traveling in the bus struggled with the criminals to prevent them from taking his belongings. In an attempt to get rid of the passenger, the criminal shot him.

“The boy was shot and one fell on the floor, he was bleeding a lot, we thought he was dead”, the woman told Periodismo Public.

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In the midst of the uproar over what had just happened, the criminals abandoned the intercity bus and got lost in the dark of night.

Meanwhile, the passengers helped the young man who, < b>due to the shot that had hit his head, he was losing a lot of blood, so they initially believed that he had lost his life. However, when the quadrant of the area arrived to attend to the case, they realized that the man was still alive, so they transferred him to a municipal medical center.

According to the local media, due to the seriousness of the wound caused by the shot, the young man was later referred to a clinic in Bogotá where he is currently being treated in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where he is is fighting for his life.

Given this new fact of insecurity, RCN Radio learned that the community called on the authorities for more support from the National Police on the country's highways, in order to prevent such tragedies.